Alien Hunter Slots

Hunt down aliens in underground grottos and win the alien hunter lottery, top prize here is the progressive jackpot. This software, easy to navigate and exciting to play has great graphics with science fiction undertones. This weird and wonderful super slot is not just a slot but also a video game of sorts, only way better. The combinations on the reels unlock the various games that will win you even bigger and groovier prizes.

Play for skill or play for luck

25 paylines are strewn across the reels; each paylines is made active with just one coin. Each payline is a chance to win and the combinations on each payline are added together at each spin. So playing all lines should go without saying. For those wanting to bet big you can add as many as 10 coins per payline. That is 250 coins per spin. If you are looking to place such big bets you can be sure that when the wins hit that they will also be big, just make sure that before you start you have the balance to keep you going.

It is the value of the coin that will determine your bet in the end. The value ranges from 1c to $5. So if you have chosen to bet one coin per line at the lowest coin size you are looking at 25c per spin. Placing the maximum possible bet will see you at $1,250 each time you spin the reels.

Hunt down aliens, save the world and cash in on big rewards

The wild caged alien is the wild symbol and is also pays the top fixed jackpot for all five on the same payline. Capture 5 aliens and you can take home the bounty of $500,000, a small reward for betting the max. As a wild symbol it can stand in for any of the other symbols on the reels much as a joker does, to help form winning combinations and increase the prizes.

The alien spaceship is the scatter symbol and when scattered across paylines it rewards you with free spins. 3 spaceships pay out 5 free spins, you get 10 free spins for 4 spaceships and 25 spins on the house for all 5 spaceships. The free spins take on the bet settings from the original game so if you have chosen to bet max 25 free spins is equivalent to $31,250 worth of reel spinning. The best part is that they do not need to be on the same payline to take effect.

Lucky you, the Alien Hunter is equipped with two bonus symbols, neither of them pay out dividends but both take you to big cash bonus rounds. The alien eggs can only be found on the first and last reels. When they appear at the same time on the same spin they will take you to hidden caves where the egg hunt begins. Prizes are hidden inside each of the eggs.

Amongst these eggs there is the egg you want, the Super Egg and the Evil Egg that you are trying to avoid. Choosing the Evil Egg will end the game and no more prizes for you. The Super Egg on the other hand, will double everything you collect since finding it.

The second bonus symbol is the Alien Hunter himself; he triggers the sharp shooter bonus round. Who said slots were all about luck? Take your skill to the next level, aim and fire. All you need is 6 aliens and you have 15 seconds to collect them. The fastest aliens deliver the best rewards so keep your wits about you. If you have not yet sharpened your skills, play without a time limit. You still need just 6 aliens and once you have them all caged up your prize amount is picked from a hat.

The remainder of the symbols includes three aliens, each of which payout for as little as 2 symbols on a payline. Scattered between the aliens are card symbols which only pay for a minimum of three per payline.

Throw caution to the wind and hunt the progressive

Play the lottery and win the progressive jackpot. There is no need to even line up a winning combination, simply click between the lottery and the reels at any time using the dollar sign in the top right hand corner. In this side game, similar to keno, just select 5 out of 49 numbers. And just like the lottery if you manage to select all 5 correctly, the progressive jackpot is yours!

Catch them if you can!

Full of wild fun this slot has a side game, free spins and two bonus rounds. Come with your sharp shooting skills and you can really take the cake. Whether aliens are your thing or not the good old fashioned booty sure must be. Get an account and download the software today, this could be the first day of the rest of your life.