Deep Space Slots

Adventures-in-space-travel is the theme of this fun and great looking new game from Gaming Right Media. In creating Deep Space Slots, Gaming Right Media has made one of the slickest and best looking slot games in the online casino market. They have taken the best features from existing slot games as pointers and have re-imagined them and executed them with grace and aplomb. The space adventure theme is established by the beautiful and incredibly finished graphics and rich and unusual sound design of this fun and easy-to-play game.

Galactic Play

At the risk of repetitiveness, the symbols in this game are absolutely beautiful. There are rich renderings of stars, spacemen, alien saucers and asteroids among others. They are played against a star field and they line up on an unusual 21 paylines.

Coin values may be established to values between 10¢ and 50¢. With a single coin playable on each payline, all lines may be played for as little as $2.10 or as much as $10.50.

Pangalactic Symbols

Amongst the symbols used in Deep Space is the Spaceman wildcard that substitutes for any other card in winning combinations with the notable exception of the scatter. When the spaceman symbol comes up it is animated, and the sound changes to radio communications. This is part of the incredible subtlety that this game is finished with, and it really makes the difference between “just another” slot game and a truly spectacular experience.

The other symbol that players will want to keep an eye out for is the Space Alien that serves as the scatter. Again, when the scatter pops up, it is both cleverly animated and it is accompanied by the beeps and chirps of the alien saucerman. And when he pops up, the side game is brought into play, making the winnings multiply!

Adventure in Deep Space Now!

This is a superlative slot game, beautiful in design and finish. The graphics and sounds are unusual and wonderful, contrived to draw the player into the game completely. The game is a low-roller style, appealing to the vast majority of online slot players. Despite the low bet levels, it is a progressive jackpot slot game, making it possible to score big winnings when the jackpots are hit. So settle down in your control center and get yourself a night’s worth of gaming refreshments, set phasers on “win” and play Deep Space Slots for real money tonight!