Space Traders Slots

An immersive game with a superbly designed theme, Space Traders Slots is a Revolver Gaming title, which takes players on a profitable and thrilling science-fiction journey to outer space alongside 3 neatly crafted characters – an old lady with a dollar stash in her hands – Queen Bea, a happy white robot - Sam and a spaceship mechanic brandishing a wrench – Handy Max. Its depiction of space is breathtaking – the eternal, black, star-filled void is colored with the blurry outlines of distant galaxies, which gives the darkness all kinds of pleasant to behold shades. Spectacular 3D animation is accompanying every development in the game.

The Generous Rules and Symbols of the Traders

The gameplay includes 3 reels and 3 rows. The permanently fixed coin size is 1 cent. The symbols that can make an appearance on the reels are the Asteroid, the Cash Planet, Handy Max, Queen Bea, Sam the Robot, Space Junk, the Space Traders logo symbol, the giant pot full of treasures, the planet covered with home equipment and the planet covered with junkyard car parts.

Embrace the Lucky Profits of Your Space Adventure

To the right of the reels, the friendly robot will be presenting to the gambler the chosen Lucky symbol, which is randomly picked from the 10 symbols, which can appear on the reels. If at least 3 or more Lucky symbols show up on the reels, they will remain on their position, while the remainder of the reels will perform spins up until the point when no more lucky symbols appear – a process, which will more than likely result in terrific payouts. The prizes of the winning combinations involving Lucky symbols will be multiplied by 2.

Buy Great Earnings in the Sci-Fi Shop

The main bonus feature of Space Traders Slots is the Space Junk bonus feature, the additional screen of which is so well animated that it resembles a cut scene from a video game. In it, Queen Bea and Handy Max will be selling 3 collections of items in their futuristic-looking shop. Players will be clicking on the items and each one will stand for a prize. After checking out the amounts, gamblers will get to decide whether to discard the offered sale and move on to another set of items or to emerge from the feature with the offered bonus earnings.

Space Traders Slots is a great game from Revolver Gaming, which will impress gamblers with its spellbinding looks, well-crafted adventurous atmosphere and giant symbol and bonus feature prizes.