Treasure Trail Slots

Join the hunt for the winning combinations at a slots game called Treasure Trail. Individuals do need some form of relaxation and recreation at some point. All work no play makes for a dull and impatient person so give yourself a break with this game. You deserve to pamper yourself from time to time with an enchanting game that lets your imagination grow wild and even let you win back more than what you put in. Surely that is an incentive you won’t pass up so easily.

Treasure Trail Theme

Based on the name, you can probably hazard a guess on what the theme of this game could be. If you got Indiana Jones in mind, you’re really good. Treasure Trail revolves around the theme of gold mining with three reels to play for the round. For a minimum bet of $2 coin to maximum of three coins of the same value, you can get to spin the reels of this game. Hit on Bet One to slowly increase your coin bet from one to three and back again. Take your sweet time in deciding but in case you’re interested to know, payout would be exponentially higher with bigger coin bets. After that, hit Spin to see where the reels would eventually rest. For high rollers, it is recommended to keep hitting on Bet Max as it further cuts down the game process from two to one.

Treasure Trail Winning Combinations

Keep your eyes peeled for winning symbols that can make your eyes pop out with excitement. From highest to lowest payout, the symbols to look forward to are crosses, treasure chests, skull and crossbones, telescopes, gold bars, parrots, diamonds and sevens. Among these symbols, one treasure chest symbol alone on the center payline can get the player no less than twice the coin bet up to 6 times depending on the coin bet placed for that round.

Get three telescope symbols on all three reels with three $2 coin bets, and the player is entitled to 300 times the same amount which is $600. With three crosses on a single $2 coin bet, a player will win $10,000 because credit is 5,000 times the coin bet. Imagine getting twice more than that for 2 coin bets and you can figure out for yourself how much higher a 3 coin bet payout could be for the same amount. Hunt your way through Treasure Trail.