Jolly Harbour Slots

Get into the groove with the game called Jolly Harbour, a game that can take you to the extremes of an emotional joy ride. This game is offered exclusively by Online Vegas and Go casinos both downloading and flash versions. Read our Liberty Slots Casino review for more information about casino payouts, bonuses and promotions.

Details of the Game Jolly Harbour

Jolly Harbour is a slot machine game with five reels to spin and five paylines to enable. With its multiple winning combinations, there are several ways a player could win at this game. One would only need as little as $0.01 coin bet to as much as five coin bets worth $10 and things can start falling into place after you spin all reels.

Each coin wagered on Jolly Harbour will enable a payline such that four coin bets will enable the first four paylines but not the fifth. For you to understand what the paylines refer to, it would be good to get a grasp of how they actually look like on the reels. After the reels stop from spinning, the game will check for winning combinations on paylines that are enabled. One coin bet will enable the first payline which is the line running on the center in a horizontal fashion. Two coin bets will also enable the second payline which is the upper horizontal line. Three coin bets will include the third payline which is the horizontal lower line. Four coin bets will enable the first to fourth paylines with the last running from the top leftmost corner down to the bottom center symbol going back up to the top right corner symbol. This is shaped into a V. Five coin bets will enable the all paylines including the fifth which is the mirror image of the fourth payline. What players will have is an inverted V in this case.

Jolly Harbour Slots winning combinations

Winning combinations will be no less than two symbols of the same kind such as the logo, fish and anchor symbols. In the case of the ship's helm, ring buoy, lollipop and stingray symbols, players need at least three of each kind to win. See which symbols will rest on the reels you play with Jolly Harbor and get excited with how it progresses.

Where to play Jolly Harbour Slot

Experience frustration at getting close to winning and feel the rush that comes with hitting the winning symbol combinations when things start turning for the better. You might feel like beginner's luck coming or you're the type to usually get things as if by magic, and then by all means play Jolly Harbour on your computer. See what kind of joy ride you can get from playing this game in your own free time.