World Cup Slots

World Cup Slot has been developed by Gaming Right Media whose slots have broken the traditional mold of the slot machine. We are in the age of computers where it need not look like a machine to give the same results. These slots are truly unique! The stadium opens up; you can see, hear and even feel that the place is crowded. What looks like shirts hanging in mid air against the backdrop of the football field, are in fact the reels. Spin and be amazed at how the vertical blurs produce crisp, clear team shirts.

As the reels spin the crowd roars and clap as each reel snaps into place. The atmosphere is a true masterpiece and to enjoy it set the game speed to its slowest. If you prefer a higher speed you are able to turn the sound down and listen to the commentator shout out your wins.

Go for goal

There are 21 paylines, to select the reels one at a time click the Bet One button for each payline you want activated. Max Bet selects all paylines but does not change the coin size settings. The coin size is easy to change and can be clicked right down to 1c and up to $1. With 21 ways to win on one screen enabling each and every payline is a must. A win on a deactivated payline will show but it won't pay you out. Betting the highest coin size can set you back $21 but if you feel like doubling your risk hit the <<>> button to activate the games Two Ways Feature. This is equivalent to playing 2 coins per activated payline.

The highest payout in this game is just a little more than the maximum bet so with a conservative prize this game has small regular payouts. This kind of slot is perfect for beginners as it makes your money go further while it teases you with the sharp and impressive graphics and animations for longer. The best strategy to follow here is to bet low on all lines, set up autoplay and enjoy the game.

Saving goals is the name of the game

There are 6 teams represented at the Ladies World Cup this year, all in their traditional team colours and logos. Any 3 of the same t-shirts pay out anything from a single cent to 50c. The special symbols include a black and white soccer ball, a set of spikes, a gold and green trimmed match ball and the goalie making an incredible save. For each of these symbols you only need 2 of a kind to be in the money.

The most valuable member of the team is the goalie and the biggest contribution is making that save. It can only be for this reason that 5 save icons pays out the highest win. This top prize amount is shared with 5 wild symbols on a payline. The wild is of course the golden trophy. The golden trophy is also the free spins trigger. The amount of free spins you get depends on how many wilds appear on the screen.

The scatter is the warped text 'GOAL!' icon. When it appears on the reels the soccer ball bounces into the 'o' like a hoop. The scatter pays much like a normal combination, what is so special about this symbol is that it does not need to repeat itself on the same payline nor from left to right. It pays based on how many are scattered across the screen.

It's a free kick!

A minimum of 2 Golden Trophy icons will award you with 5 free spins and up to as many as 20 spins on the house for 5 wilds. Watch out, if you have set this to autoplay the free spins will play themselves out.

While the free spins are playing the entire screen pulsates with the visible roar and excitement of the crowd.

This game has been so well put together. No element has been overdone and the result is a clean easy to play and understand game that will mesmerize you with a sensational theme. Open an account and switch between real play and practice play, become the star of the team today.