Crazy 7 Slots

Crazy Sevens is just that, a crazy slot with a whole lot of crazy looking sevens spinning away in the reels. The aim of the game is to get three of a kind on the same payline through the middle. One symbol of which there are only three variations so that should not be too difficult. This game is for bounty hunters for sure, no funny gimmicks or hoops or other little gremlins, straight forward, one symbol, three variations of it and lots and lots of cash waiting to coming pouring out the bottom of the machine.

Playing for the jackpot? There is only one way…

You have just three reels and a single payline. This seems easy enough. There are only two things to take into consideration and that is your coin size which can be adjusted up or down by using the left and right arrow buttons from 1c to $5. Then of course you can bet as many as three coins per line. Your total bet can be maxed out to $15 while you can actually get away with playing for just 1c per spin and anything in-between. You can even play all three coins to enable to last column on the paytable and still bet only 3c.

Betting all three coins is the only way to go. This can be seen by taking a look at the paytable above the reels. It consists of four columns. The first lists the only four possible winning combinations. The second column refers to the takings for each combination when only one coin has been bet on the payline, the third column is for the second coin and the last column is the prize values for betting max coins. For each coin placed the wins increase proportionately with the exception of the red sevens. There is a bonus of 100 coins for betting max. Unless $15 a spin is going to break the bank, this is by far the recommended bet setting.

Seven Seas, Seven Wonders of the World. Seven is just by far the most naturally lucky number

The red seven is the most valuable of the lot. Three in a row will pay out the jackpot of 400 coins. Now this is where the coin size and line bet come into play. 400 coins at a coin size of $5 will pay you $2,000. This is for just one coin on a line. Betting three coins per line means that this $2,000 will be multiplied yet again by 3 giving you that mouth watering $6,000 top prize.

Next ranking symbol is the green seven followed closely by the blue seven. A collection of sevens will also pay a small reward to help finance the bounty hunt and keep you going right to the top.

Winning sevens

Play this game and you will never see a seven in the same light ever again. Sevens have been well known to withhold massive jackpots as the spin and in and out of view. But not this time. This time the reels are full of sevens and each one is as crazy as the next with prizes that get crazier by the spin. Download the software to cash in on some crazy prizes, this win could be yours.