VIP Slots Flash Casino - no new players wanted

VIP Slots Flash Casino Among the most popular casinos are those that offer instant play, more commonly known as flash casinos. VIP Slots Flash US friendly Casino was one of them. Unfortunately it has been closed to the new players on May 16, 2011. However, while there are more than a dozen casinos available for US players, players are most fortunate in that there are an abundance of casinos that welcome you. Please peruse our list of the best casinos you can join and play right now.

Best online Flash casinos for US players

VIP Slots Instant Play

VIP slots are known for its fantastic range of games. Not only do you have the choice of over 60 different slots but there are also some amazing table and specialty games bringing a range of 100 games to your screen. And the best thing about VIP Slots is that you can play an instant Flash version, no need to download the casino at all!

No Fuss No Download

Well since technology improves daily we do expect more advanced casinos and VIP slots does not disappoint in this area. VIP Slots which has already gained a fantastic reputation for its fair gaming and wide range of games now adds to the reputation with its easy no fuss no download casino that you can start playing at instantly. With just a click of the mouse onto the instant play logo in the main website of VIP Slots you can be taken to the lobby of VIP Slots casino instantly.

Direct From Web Browser

A flash or instantly play casino is one which is played directly from your website browser. There is no need to download the casino to your computer which means that apart from saving time you are also saving valuable storage space on your computer hard drive. All of the qualities of the downloaded casino are still available at the flash or instant version. You are still eligible for the $777 welcome bonus and can take advantage of all of the other bonuses on offer including the weekly bonus and the well known VIP Slots players club. At the VIP Slots players club you can earn points for every $ that you invest in a game. The points can be exchanged for money or merchandise and also contribute to the level of your club membership which starts at Amber and works up to the Diamond level where you are entitled to a 30% bonus on all deposits amongst other incentives.

Play From Anywhere in the World

Playing at the instant VIP Slots casino means that you are not limited to just one computer in order to access your casino account. Wherever you are as long as you have internet access you can just log into your account. The instant casino stores all of the information on the website and all that you need to remember is your password and of course your username. You can even deposit money in your flash or instant casino in just the same way as you do at the main casino which is supremely convenient.

Fantastic Animation and Digital Sound

All of the games available at the instant VIP Slots casino are of a high caliber with fantastic animation and digital; sound. By using the flash technology to give you instant play the games move faster and have clearer digital sound. You even get to see the turning of the counter in one of the many progressive slots games that are available to play at VIP slots casino. Tournaments are another bonus when playing at the flash casino, you can access the tournament scheduled within seconds and of course access the games just as quickly. Since VIP Slots is known for its tournaments with the big giveaways this is definitely another bonus to playing at the flash casino. Don't be put off by technical words, all that a flash casino means is that it is instant and you can play there and then!

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