Thor Blimey! Slots

Thor Blimey! It's a three-reel, five-payline slot game from Microgaming that dishes a dose of naughtiness as the mythological God of Thunder gets into some trouble. Humorous cartoon graphics and satirical names, such as Plunder Bolt and Norsey but Nice, evoke a few giggles as you play.

Legend of Thor

Thor, the God of Thunder, was the son of Odin and Jord. As one of the more powerful Gods, legend says he rode through the heavens on his chariot pulled by goats that he could revive from death with a single touch. His main possession was a magic hammer that acted like a boomerang and returned to him after he'd throw it at his enemies. Through his magic, it's believed he was able to create thunder and lightning any time he wanted.

Thor's main love was food and the good things in life. This carries through in the Thor Blimey slot game where riches await.

Thor Blimey! Slots Game Play

The pub style online slot game features basic slot play but throws in a number of surprises. Start by placing your bet, anywhere from 10p to a full 10 pounds. Spin the reels and the action begins. The ultimate goal is to win the top prize of 20,000 pounds.

Symbols in Thor Blimey! Slots

Overall, Thor Blimey slots is a classic fruit slot game. You'll find a number of fruit symbols on each reel.

Thor is a key player in Thor Blimey online slots. Three Thor symbols trigger a bonus feature involving a fourth reel valued from 1 to 12 that helps you move around the lapper board. Moving around the special board adds excitement to the game.

Landing on certain spots adds money to your winnings, but some squares have a negative effect. The game also features nudges and holds to help maximize your winnings. Thor can help you increase your winnings by 2,000X if you're lucky.

Where You Can Play Thor Blimey!

Ladbrokes Casino and Interwetten Casino both offer Thor Blimey! slot game at their casinos. You can play free online or download their free software. Make the most of their welcome bonuses, including the 50 pound free cash Ladbrokes offers to first time players. It's an excellent way to play online without risking your own money while you become acquainted with game play.