Sunken Treasures Slots

The brave men of ancient and recent history have traversed the seas despite the perils it poses. Not a few of them have joined the sea in its eternal waves, and much of the worldly treasure men have traveled with has been lost to its depths. But not anymore; you are invited to seek the greatest treasure hidden beneath the sea. Play Sunken Treasures Slots and dive into the waves of the seven seas and search its sunken treasures.

Sunken Treasures Slots Wild Card

Search the second, third and fourth reel for diver icons. They are your wild cards and you get to use them in place of other icons except the scatter. Should you use any of them to build winning combinations; you stand to get double of the original pot.

The Underwater Feature

Search the underwater world for scattered ships and you multiply your winnings or you can win free spins. Find at least three ships and open three, four or five treasure chests from the sunken treasure, depending on the number of ships you captured. You may find a colored jewel, and this will activate the Jewel Pick Feature. Jewel Pick Feature, in turn, could let you win up to 500 times your triggering bet. Prizes are doubled during free games and you also stand to win free games and spins as well.

Sunken Treasures Random Jackpot

Reel in more treasure than you could ever imagine! Play sunken treasures and you might just win the progressive jackpot. Regardless of what time and where you play, or whatever denomination you use, you have a shot of winning the jackpot worthy of a trip to the deep.

The Buttons

You don't need to dive into the deepest water to understand the controls of the game. You can play Sunken Treasures Slots with four buttons: the Help, the Bet, the Line and the Auto Play. Find the winning combinations, the bonus rounds and the rules of the game with the Help Button. Hit the line button to select the lines you want to wager on. Bet lets you manage the amount of wager you want per line or per game. Lastly, Auto Play button lets you continue playing even if you have stepped away from your computer. With its sheer simplicity, you can play like pro in no time!

Reasons to Play

The sea holds a number of great story, and immeasurable amount of wealth. Diving into an adventure to retrieve the wealth it covers simply sounds like an adventure you should not dare miss. With its amazing graphics, crisp sound and simple interface, you can be assured that you can play it with ease and expertise. Play underwater even with your pajamas on by downloading and installing the software. Winning can never be this fun again.