Luxury Liner Slots

Luxury Liners slots offers a no-frill, classic slot feel. It's a 3-reel, 1-payline classic slot game for people who dislike videoslots bonus games. A simple betting structure, classic slot sounds and fuss-free design round out key aspects of this online slot machine.

Betting is easy. You can be up to three coins. Coins are valued at 10 cents to $10. The maximum possible bet therefore is $30. Not a bad wager for beginners who are brand new to slot games. You're well advised to bet three coins if you desire the highest payouts. There is a “Bet Max” button for one-click betting convenience.

Once you've decided on your bet, spin the reels. Luxury Liners slots does offer auto-play. This allows you to select a set number of spins and have the computer take over spinning.

Luxury Liners Slots Symbols

One benefit to the 3-reel online slots is the location of the paytable. It's on the main screen. Study the payouts while spinning the reels.

Symbols in Luxury Liners slots are basic and there are only a few. The cherries are at the bottom and earn you coins when you get at least one in the center payline. Get all three cherries and win 10 to 30 coins depending on your bet of up to three coins.

Bars are next highest and come in singles, doubles and triples. Earn coins for getting a combination of the bar symbols. Earn even more if you get three matching symbols. Payouts for bars range from 5 to 90 coins.

Sevens are next in terms of value. The Sevens symbols range from the cruise ship against a seven to a plain seven. Payouts are 40 to 240 coins.

The luxury liner symbol is the daddy of them all. On a single coin bet, three cruise ships nets you 500 coins. Two coin bets win 1,000 coins. Those who wagered with three coins get the best prize of all—2,500 coins. With the maximum $10 coin value, that's $25,000!

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