Triple 10x Wild Slots

Triple 10x Wild is an extremely colorful simply crafted and classically set up slot game, the background of which takes you to a crazy world of stars and interstellar splashes of lovely to behold colours. The game features 3 reels and a single payline. Coin values start at 1 cent and can go as high as 10 dollars. The maximum number of credits with which a spin can be entered is 3. The maximum bet in the game ends up being 30 dollars.

Triple 10x Wild Paytable

The game features seven symbols, all of which take part in winning combination in all three credit betting cases. Furthermore, there are two wild symbols in the game, which will undeniably lead to terrific profits from the winning combinations. At the bottom of the paytable is situated the cherry symbol. Any one cherry symbol pays 2 coins for a single bet credit. Any 2 cherries deliver 5 coins for a one-coin bet, 10 coins for a two-coin bet and 15 coins for a three-coin bet. The triple cherry symbol combination pays 8 coins per a single bet coin. Next up is the blue BAR symbol. Its triple combination pays 10 coins in the case of 1 bet credit, 20 coins when 2 credits are bet and 30 coins when all 3 credits are bet. The dollar stash symbol delivers 15 coins for 1 bet coin when three of it appear on the reels. Three of the golden bell symbol pay 25 coins when 1 credits is bet, 50 coins when 2 credits are bet and 75 coins when 3 credits are bet. The red seven symbol pays 50 coins per bet credit.

Two Very Wild Symbols

Then, at the top of the paytable are situated the two wild symbols. They are the 3x Wild and the 10x Wild. The 3x Wild features yellow lettering on a green background, while the 10x Wild has red lettering on a blue background. These symbols have the ability to replace all the rest of them in order to complete potential winning combinations. When a single 3x Wild symbol shows up on the active payline it will increase the winning combination of that spin 3 times. When two of the 3x Wilds appear the multiplier on the total earnings of the spin will be 9. When the 10x Wild shows up it will increase the payout of the spin 10 times and when both the 10x Wild and the 3x Wild show up they will increase the earning of the winning combination 30 times. The game's best combination, however is two 3x Wild symbols combined with a single 10x Wild one, paying 10 000 coins for 1 bet credit, 20 000 coins for 2 bet credits and 30 000 coins for 3 bet credits, which is the game's top prize.

Triple 10x Wild is definitely a small, classic slot, which exceeds expectations, firstly through its spectacular background and secondly, through its two powerful wild symbols and the numerous winning combinations.