Genie's Gifts Slots

Revolver Gaming’s Genie’s Gifts Slots is a beautifully crafted spin on the classic tale of Aladdin. The main screen is dominated by a dizzying collection of rich colours. The background landscape features a glorious sunset: the approaching night fills the top part of the screen with dark blue, while the dying sunlight fills the middle section with reddish gold. The bottom part is dominated by the golden walls and buildings of a massive city.

Next to the 3 reels and 3 rows is the Genie herself – a beautiful lady sorceress with long hair, seductive outfit, spectacular jewelry and dreamy eyes. Coin sizes can vary from 1 cent to 15 dollars. The gameplay includes 9 paylines. The biggest possible bet is 135 dollars. Players can also make the best of a highly rewarding paytable involving many generous symbols.

The Genie’s Symbols Pay Well

The best paying symbol of the game is the wild. It is a symbol, colored by royal purple, which also depicts the popular golden lamp with magical dust emerging from it. It is the only symbol with 3 winning combinations in the game, awarding 3 credits for 1 symbol, 40 credits for 2 symbols and the jackpot prize of 300 credits for 3 symbols. The rest of the symbols have just 1 combination – three matching symbols.

The red seven pays 40 credits, the yellow seven – 25 credits, the blue seven – 20 credits. A combination of one red seven, one yellow seven and one blue seven awards 6 credits. The triple blue BAR symbol brings 6 credits, the double yellow BAR symbol – 4 credits and the single red BAR symbol – 2 credits. The triple combination of the available BAR symbols gives 1 credit.

An Effective Wild and Many Bonus Features

The wild logo symbol of the game can replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form winning combinations and award more earnings. The only symbol that can’t be substituted is the Genie’s Gift bonus symbol. It can activate the single bonus feature of the game, which is a special bonus reel that makes an appearance on top of the reels. That bonus reel can give gamblers the opportunity to activate up to 5 different bonus rounds. The special reel doesn’t feature 3 positions like the rest of them; it has 5 – one for each of the additional bonus features.

For a 3-reel slot, Genie’s Gift delivers quite a bit – terrific looks with a fascinating main character, a solid number of beneficial symbols and a spectacular collection of bonus games.