Battle Mania

Battle Mania is a brand-new RPG game, which allows players to make progress as they are exploring the gameplay, acquire big prizes, unlock entire new game themes and have fun with some thrilling and generously paying bonus features. Every player is in possession of its own fighting team. What’s even cooler is the fact that the gambler will be able to choose his or her team from a selection of 15 fighters. Each of those heroes has its own strengths and weaknesses and can assist the player in a unique way.

Gameplay and Theme

The game involves 5 special features and each bonus game takes place on a different island. A special event is attached to the game and it becomes active every 12 hours and for 20 games only. Throughout it, all wins for every player will be increased with 25 percent. Every gambler can potentially acquire earnings that are 1000 times bigger than the ones available outside of the event. This is a fantasy-themed gambling title, which is bound to appeal to younger audiences and is perfectly suitable to be enjoyed on the smaller screens of mobile devices. The gameplay involves the presence of 5 cards.

Similarities and Differences with the Slot Genre

While this is not a slot game there are certain elements, which are definitely reminiscent to the beloved gambling genre. This is not a progressive game and there are no wilds involved. There are, however, free spins. The card that triggers the spins is the Bonus Card in the Desert Island. There are no multiplier prizes and there is no scatter symbol. That being said, there are numerous bonus features and each one will take gamblers on a different, exceptionally generous adventure.

The Highly Rewarding Features

The Boss Fight Forest involves a big, mean dragon, which players will have to deal with through the strength of their assembled team. Then there is the Villains’ Wave Swamp, which will provide you with a powerful crossbow, through which waves of enemies will be cut down. The multiplier amount on the won prizes will increase with every wave. The same number of arrows will be provided for each of the incoming waves. The Free Battles Desert is a feature in which players will be after a chest full of invaluable prizes. The Lava Stones Pick Volcano will require players to select between 12 stones and unveil great prizes. The multiplier stone will increase the prizes several times over. The Event Treasure bonus game includes a bonus of 1000 times the available prizes.

Don’t miss out on Battle Mania and its 5 spectacular bonus features, which will give players not only a spectacular and rare gambling experience but also the chance to acquire many great wins.