Safe Cracker Slots

Much like the movie Ocean’s 11, the Safe Cracker Slot gives players the opportunity to enter the world of a mastermind thief and try their luck at cracking the safe. Of course, in this game the only way to crack the safe is with the key! The slot comes with fun graphics, excellent sound additions and a thrilling bank heist theme. While it’s only a 3-reel, 1 payline game, this game promises great excitement for all players. Download and play Safe Cracker Slots now!

Bonus Features: Safe Cracker Slot Game

The Safe Cracker Slot bonus game is triggered when the player spins three keys on a payline during a maximum bet spin. When the game is triggered, the player is whisked away to a bank vault, getting ready to swipe someone’s valuables. Players are then given a choice of ten safety deposit boxes, in which seven contain various amounts of money and three contain burglar alarms. If the player selects a winning box, they can crack the safe and escape with more cash!

In addition, the Safe Cracker Slot comes with a nice progressive jackpot opportunity. With a value of at least $30,000 there is a great chance to win very big! Players must play at the maximum bet on three reels and match three green cash stashes on the payline to win this progressive jackpot.

Coin Sizes: Safe Cracker Slot Game

This 3-reel, 1 payline progressive slot has coin values ranging from $0.25 to $5.00, with the opportunity to place three coins on the payline.

Where To Play Safe Cracker Slot Game

Players interested in trying to crack the safe can find Safe Cracker Slot game at many different online casinos. Play Safe Cracker Slot Game at William Hill Casino, Europa Casino or Casino Tropez, today!