Whospunit Slots

Whospunit? is a rare game indeed and one that excels over many other slots in its incredible features, whether we are talking about its 3D animation, its bonus games, its inventive gameplay mechanics, its payout amounts or its looks. The main character is a rich investigator guy, wearing a leopard-like coloured shiny night coat over his expensive clothes and is standing ready in front of the utterly lavish-looking reels, which seem to be contained within the borders of an expensive marble mantelpiece encrusted with bronze and golden ornaments. The game features 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines. Coin sizes vary between 5 cents and 50 cents. A maximum number of 5 credits can be bet, which creates a maximum bet of 150 dollars. What will really stick out with Whospunit? Slots however is its completely unique gameplay that is as complex as it is financially and emotionally rewarding and plays off as an actual detective investigation.

Collecting the Clues Mode

Clue Collecting Mode is a special mode in the game which can get activated when all 30 paylines are bet. When all 30 lines are selected the gameplay time of the player will be timed and in that time window clue coins will have to be collected from the reels. Every collected coin will provide a scatter payout that is twice the size of the total bet and will provide a single spin in the special Clue Collecting mode. When the time is up, the Clue Collection mode will start. It represents a unique set of reels that has special symbols, which can only be seen in this particular mode. The mode is in possession of 3 gameplay levels. Every level has a different collection of symbols participating in it.

The 3 levels are called the Murder Weapon, the Murder Location and the Culprit Clue. Every time a winning combination that features 3 or more symbols delivers earnings to the player, special points will be given and the investigation will develop for the better. The bigger the winning combinations are the more points will be granted. The level will be solved when 5 points are collected. There are three formulas that show just how the Clue Points are granted: 5 symbols equal 500 coins and 3 clue points. 4 symbols equal 250 coins and 2 clue points. 3 symbols equal 75 coins and 1 clue point.

There are 15 objects that will be gathered one after the other on the different levels (5 per level), which will complete the investigation when they all collected. All the three levels pay 75, 250 and 500 coins for the three combinations from 3 to 5 matching symbols. Level 1’s clues include the places Gazero, Dining Room, Study, Kitchen and Bathroom. Level 2’s clues include the objects Poison, Knife, Noose, Gun and Wrench. Level 3’s clues include the objects Cigarette, Duster, Stethoscope, Watch and Spilled Tea.

The Bonus and Free Spins Rounds

The Bonus Round of Whospunit? Is called the Second Screen Bonus Round and it can be activated after Clue Collection is completed in all of its three levels. In order to initiate the Second Screen Bonus Round, the player has to land the Evidence Symbol at the very center of the reels. In this bonus level, you will be interrogating the murderer in order to receive further bonus points. If you activate this bonus game by receiving two or more Evidence Symbols payouts will be granted as follows: 5 symbols will pay 3000 coins. 4 symbols will pay 1500 coins. 3 symbols will pay 750 coins. 2 symbols will pay 300 coins.

The Free Spins Round can be activated when the gameplay is timed and all the five characters make an appearance on the reels (a single character per a reel). 10 free spins get awarded upon the activation of the round. The player will then be able to choose one of the characters and everyone will have different effects during the free spins. The characters are the plump Handmaiden with the violet background, the autopsy doctor with blue background, the investigator from the main screen with red background, the blonde woman with the green background and the very overweight rich guy with the ochre background. The handmaiden delivers 20 Spins, doubling the Free Spins. The autopsy doctor delivers random wilds. The investigator pays both ways. The blonde woman delivers a big multiplier. The overweight gentleman delivers a random wild reel. Keep in mind that the wild symbol of the game is a big golden “WILD” sign and five matching wilds pay 5000 coins.

Paytable of the Investigation

There are nine symbols depicted in the Standard Payouts section of the slot. All of them have three winning combinations each from 3 to 5 matching symbols. The victim symbol pays 250, 1000 and 2500 coins. The investigator and the blonde symbols pay 125, 500 and 1000 coins. The autopsy doctor, the overweight gentleman and the handmaiden symbols pay 100, 250 and 500 coins. The family album symbol pays 75, 200 and 375 coins, the photo board symbol pays 50, 150 and 250 coins and the looking glass symbol pays 25, 50 and 125 coins.

Whospunit? Slots feels much more like an entire adventure with twists and turns of its own, rather than a slot game, in which you monotonously spin the reels. This is a game for players who want something more than the ordinary and beyond the shadow of an investigator’s doubt, this game delivers exactly that.