New Bingo Side Slots from Microgaming

November is a big month for Microgaming as they just announced 6 new Bingo Side Games including slots. Because we know that bingo and side slots are very popular, we would like to share with you the slot game titles so that you can look for them at your Microgaming bingo sites.

The Rat Pack Slots

The first is a video slot called The Rat Pack Slots. With 30 paylines, and two wild symbols, one of which is a multiplier, this slot game also features a free spins round and has a jackpot of 100,000 coins.

Chain Mail Slots

Chain Mail Slots is the second new bingo side game with 20 paylines. It also features wilds, scatters, and bonus rounds.

City of Gold Slots

City of Gold Slots is the third and classic 3-reel slot with an ancient Egyptian theme. The wild symbols can garner you 2x or 4x your winnings.

Diamond Sevens Slots

Coming in fourth is Diamond Sevens Slots. More akin to a Vegas type slot machine, you can choose up to 9 reels to spin all at the same time to win the 2500 coin jackpot.

Ski Bunny Slots

The last new bingo side slot is called Ski Bunny Slots. This is also a 3-reel slot game with free spins and a host of bonus rounds.

As always, Microgaming has come up with new and exciting side slots for bingo players, and we are sure these will just sweeten the pot and provide you with ample opportunities to win bigger and more lucrative payouts!