Cafe Casino Perks: Immediate Prizes from the Moment of Signing Up

Cafe Casino’s special rewards loyalty program has gone through a very special upgrade and now there is a brand-new way through which members of the famous online site can increase the numbers in their account balances. The new name of the program is Cafe Casino Perks and it offers highly satisfactory features and various comforts. In short, players are now allowed to earn Perk Points when logged in, redeem those points for various rewards, including cash prizes, gain access to extremely valuable cashback bonuses in the case of losses and be permanently connected to this rewards program; once members are affiliated with the Perks they will remain so as long as they have an account at the casino. Every member who has set up an account and has already signed in will be eligible.

Profiting from the Perks

Players really don’t have to do a thing in order to begin benefiting from the Perks – the gambler becomes affiliated with the program from the moment of his or her account’s creation. The Perk Points will begin to be generated as soon as a game is played, regardless of its type. From then on, you will need to take into account the prizes that you are aiming for and once you collect the necessary Perk Points, you will be free to trade them according to your desires. Each account has its very own level and the more Perk points are accumulated, the higher the level of the member will be. Higher levels will lead to better offers and more profitable bonuses. A unique feature of this particular rewards program is the fact that levels can’t be lost once they are gained. Many casinos expect members to keep up constantly with the requirements of the higher levels, which in time may force them to return to a lesser position. There is no such danger with Cafe Casino.

The Portal

The special Rewards portal of the casino is easy to access and extremely comfortable to navigate through. It grants a number of essential comforts such as the ability to check the current number of collected Perk Points, the level of the account as well as many other important pieces of information. The process of redeeming the Perk Points also happens through this portal. Feel free to pay a visit to the website in order to gain the full information regarding the bonuses, promotions, comforts and services of the casino.