Free Chips at Ignition

Ignition Casino allows its members to benefit from numerous bonus offers, which have proven to be an invaluable addition to the membership experience of the player: they provide vital financial support, especially to newcomers. One of those promotions awards free chip cash prizes. They are Ignition Casino's members' main source of bonus-connected profits. Free chips will be awarded even if the player hasn't made any previous installments. In order to get a free chip, gamblers need to simply click the "Claim" button (a little giftwrapped box) and the sum, which is displayed next to the icon will then be added to the account balance.

The Difference between Cash Funds and Bonus Funds

Members' balances will be displayed at the top-right corner of the screen. If a player chooses to sign up, not just at Ignition but at any online casino in general, he or she has to be aware of the difference between cash funds and bonus funds. Simply put, when a bonus prize is claimed, it is not added to the gambler's balance. Bonus prizes can be used as credits on certain games and at the same time they can not be used on others. Cash funds is what players can withdraw from their account into their back account. In every gambler's wallet, the amount of withdrawable cash will be depicted under the thick green line.

Understanding the Various Balances

If members enter their Bonus Page, they will see a circle with the total cash balance amount depicted inside of it. The purple fraction of the circle will show you the bonus balance. Every bonus amount will have its very own description in the Active Bonuses section and it will inform the gamblers regarding the circumstances under which the bonuses are usable. The Bonus Manager will let members know if they can use their funds on their favorite games. The playable amount available for any game will be the sum of the cash balance and the sum of the current bonus balance.

Ignition Casino offers promotions of every kind - match bonuses and free chips, the latter of which can be claimed for free and these offers play a vital role in the successful membership of each and every player who signs up on the casino. So, if gamblers want to be truly successful at Ignition Casino, they are obligated to know eaxtly how to use the different bonuses and prizes. .