Mermaid Queen Slots

Beneath the waves lies boundless treasure being guarded by the Mermaid Queen. Can you brave the depths in search of pearls, gold and other riches? Scour the seas for treasure in Mermaid Queen Slots, a five reel slot machine game is offered by Win Palace Casino that's rich in both visuals and prizes.

Mermaid Queen Slots winning symbols

Just like any other casino games powered by the novel RTG, the Mermaid Queen Slots game sticks to its undersea theme through and through. The graphics are rich in details and can easily be mistaken for Disney's Little Mermaid.

Getting the Ship symbol,the Clownfish symbol or the Pearl Shell Necklace symbol already get you big prizes,but the biggest regular prize is held by the Handsome Man symbol. Get five of him in a pay line and you get yourself 7500 coins! Complete the pay line with the Wild Multiplier symbol of the Mermaid and you can even double that amount. There's some real treasure in these waters!

The Mermaid shows herself on the first, third and fifth reels to substitute for any other symbol and double your prize if she's included in your winning pay line. If all three Mermaid symbols show up on a spin, you've just won yourself ten free spins! During your first ten free spins, your prizes are merely doubled, but any more free spins will triple your prize!

Watch out for the Clams,too.They're the Scatter symbol in the regular spins so you get paid whenever they appear, regardless of where they appear.You'll be even more eager to see them in the bonus spin rounds because each Clam gives you a bonus free spin, no matter where it ends up!

Mermaid Queen Slots jackpot

While hunting for the Mermaid Queen's treasures, you can have 20 pay lines and a bet amount from a cent to $100. You stand to win up to 40,000 times what you bet per pay line - that's a $4,000,000 whale of a jackpot! And that's not the only jackpot you can win.

Even if you don't get to find the loot from the Mermaid Queen herself, you still stand a chance to win the Progressive Jackpot. It's a constantly increasing jackpot you can keep track of above the third reel and it gets randomly awarded to a player at the end of every round. There are no requirements and no minimums, so you'll never know when that luck player will be you!

Where to find Mermaid Queen Slots

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Explore the Mermaid Queen's realm for lots of fun, excitement and - best of all - riches!