Island Hoppers Slots

Catch the thrill of being part of the jet set without having to deal with the cramped seats, long flights and airsickness bags! This fun slots game gives you real reel excitement without all the unnecessary bells and whistles to distract you. Read our Liberty Slots Casino for more information that will help you to play Island Hoppers Slots.

Island Hoppers Slots - Traditional Thrills

Vegas Technology is well-known for producing great traditional slots games and they live up to their reputation with Island Hoppers slots. The Island Hoppers slots game falls under the Traditional category because it has only one pay line, so you'll have to focus all your luck and attention on that one line. With a single pay line and just three reels, you won't have as many possibilities and what-ifs to think about. This is in contrast to the multi-pay line, five-reel slot machine games that have become common today, where there are about a dozen possibilities for you to get used to. The simple format makes for a no-frills slots experience, great for beginners and for those who prefer not to have the flash and fanciness of newer slots games.

The difference between Island Hoppers and most other slot machine games is that you have the option of 'activating' other pay lines. Certain conditions must be met but the important thing is that you can have the top and the bottom lines active.

The Island Hoppers slots game features very simple, almost cartoon-like graphics. While it's certainly not as flashy as many other games, it has the advantage of letting you pay more attention to the game. And if you're a serious slot machine player, that counts for a lot.

Island Hoppers Slots Payouts

Island Hoppers' symbols are quite varied. The symbols on the slots game include Bar symbols - from Single Bars to Triple Bars - Sevens, Airplanes and Flight Badges. If you've seen the badges worn by airline pilots before, you'll have an idea of how the top-paying Flight Badge icons look like.

You can bet up to three coins per spin on Island Hoppers. Instead of increasing your maximum winnable amount, betting more coins has the effect of activating the pay lines below and above the primary pay line. If you bet three coins, you win a big payout if you get three Flight Badges in a row, even if they're below or above the primary pay line. If you're the type who frequently gets off-center combinations, playing Island Hoppers just might be the key to winning that elusive big payout!

Where to play Island Hoppers Slots

Frills and fancy features aren't always what make a good slot machine game. In fact, the simple yet timeless style of the Island Hoppers slot game, combined with its unique format, makes it an interesting and profitable game you shouldn't pass up.