Farming Futures 7 Slots

The farm can be a very charming and lovely place with its natural beauty and enchantment. Game creators have started utilizing this theme for a slot machine game called Farming Futures 7 Slots. With its seven reels, the chances of hitting a payout are not too far behind where only three of each kind of symbols would be necessary. With this game, payouts are not too far behind so a player gets more than back what he had initially paid to play the game. If you’re interested in the game go to the best place to play, go to Liberty Slots Casino, where this game is available both in downloading version and Flash version. Download Farming Futures 7 Slots into you computer today and get to have an exciting game play and a bonus cash on your first deposit.

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Game Buttons to Push

If you have tried playing the game on previous occasions, you will easily find that this new game is just as easy to follow. There’s the buttons to push your bets up or down depending on how much a player wants to wager for that round. This will help them choose too which of the nine paylines to activate. Each coin bet placed on the round corresponds to the number of paylines that are enabled. If a player uses 5 coin bets, a player enables the first five paylines but not the remaining four. When a player is ready to play, all that remains to be done is hitting the Spin button.

Players too have the option of betting on the maximum number of paylines and coin bet with the push of only a single button. The same button also automatically spins the reels once everything is set. Now all you need to do is wait for the outcome and you can also compare them with the payout table that can be launched with a button that indicates this information.

Winning Symbols

The more symbols of the same kind is shown on the reels, the better. This is true for specific symbols that indicate a payout in the table grid. Favorite farm animals are definitely in as winning symbols such as the goat, cow, duck and horse. One should not forget the main character in the farm, the farmer where the highest payout goes. For as few as three of the farmer symbols, a player gets back 50 times his coin bet. Say he bet on a payline showing three farmer symbols with $4. Multiply that with 50 and it comes out as $200.

There is definitely a good opportunity of winning at the reels and one should not hesitate to bet on all paylines possible since the coin bets are at its most affordable.