Haunted Reels Slots

Feel a chill up your spine when you download and play Haunted Reels slots. Wager Gaming Technology's Halloween-themed three-reel slot game is sure to please those looking for a fright. Make sure the lights are on and see what surprises are in store.

The betting structure in Haunted Reels slots is simple. You choose the coin value (10 cents to $10). Decide if you wish to wager 1, 2 or 3 coins on the single payline. The more you bet, the more you can win. With a max bet of $30, even beginners don't have to risk a lot to earn the best payouts. There's an interactive bonus round that only occurs if you're betting three coins.

Payouts in Haunted Reels Slots

The amount you win is based on how much you risk. Those betting one coin earn up to 800 if they land three witches. Prizes for two coin bets are doubled; three coin bets earn tripled winnings.

The base prizes are earned with one, two or three candy symbols. These piles of sweet treats reward you with 2 to 30 coins, depending on your initial wager. Single, double and triple bar symbols are worth 5 to 120 coins. The black cat is worth 80 to 240 coins.

The witch is worth the most. Land three of her and win 800, 1600 or 2400 coins, again depending on your bet. The witch is also a wild card and helps increase your chances for a win. Payouts occurring as a result of the eerie witch double or quadruple.

Haunted Reels Slots Jack-o-lantern Bonus

The jack-o-lantern bonus symbol only appears if you've bet three coins. A jack-o-lantern and one or two candy symbols dishes out the bonus award plus the payout for the candy. Three of these creepy pumpkins launches the bonus round.

During the Jack-o-lantern Bonus game, you're taken to a second screen. On this screen, you'll see nine pumpkins. Each pumpkin hides a prize. Choose carefully three times and see how much you can win.

Play Online or Download Wager Gaming Technology Casino Software

Head to your favorite Wager Gaming Technology casino for this exciting 3-reel game. Download free casino software or play instantly using the no download flash casino. Once you've signed up, make your first deposit. Enjoy bonus rewards that boost your bank balance in no time.

Using alternative payment forms is often rewarded with additional bonus cash in WGT casinos. You'll have more money to risk. Play Haunted Reels slots for longer periods of time and win big in the process.