Tarot Treasure

Tarot Treasure is an all new adventure-style slot game, that will keep you locked into this gypsy fortunetelling quest for the jackpot. In a typical 5 reel 25 pay line format, this new twist on an old game is the necessary dose of entertainment to keep you guessing like a fortuneteller's tarot cards. Before I stated an adventure style slot game, and in a way it is just that. The Gypsy can aide you or cheat you, substitute symbols that will make or break your bank account.

Like many other virtual slot games the coin value varies with $.01, $.024, $.50, $1.00, $5.00, or $10 respectively. However, unlike most games, Tarot Treasure features a larger $250 max bet and even better a possibility of winning over $30,000 per spin on max bet! And with a jackpot of 10,000 coins (or $100,000!) Tarot Treasure may very well be the perfect combination between bizarre fun and big win potential.

Different Play Mechanics

As stated before, Tarot Treasure brings a whole different ballpark of play to the virtual slot machine genre. While most other games that share the category use generic symbols and predictable outcomes, Tarot Treasure brings us a game that is much more involved. The Gypsy has fun exchanging symbols for different outcomes and awarding (or cheating!) the player throughout their game play. If multiple Tarot Wheels are rolled the player may be awarded Free Spins or even better a 3x multiplier on the next several rolls. Yes, that's right a 3x multiplier! That would bring the maximum jackpot to $300,000. Is the jackpot in your future? Do you believe in the jackpot? Or are the power of the tarot cards too much? Throw your magic prejudices away and dive into the way of the cards and indulge in the sweet rewards.

Real hit or real miss?

Many different virtual casino games offer different themes and play mechanics to enthrall the masses into their games, however, Tarot Treasure offers an immerse game play style that will keep you at the edge of your seats throughout the night. A triple multiplier bonus is a rarity in today's virtual casino metropolis, but Tarot Treasure offers this as well as many other little tricks and 'cards' up its sleeve. How many other slots offer up to a $300,000 jackpot, fun interactive game play, and the ability to win over $30,000 per spin. Tarot Treasure is a jackpot of a game, promising you hours and hours of fun and a high chance of walking away from your computer a winner.