Cash Caper Slots

Cash Caper Slots
If you want to be excited from start to finish, Cash Caper is a great slot to attempt. When players first start the game they are greeted with a hilarious intro animation showing a security guard trying to protect the jackpots from a burglar. When play begins, the reels fly down from the top of the screen and piano music notes the start. Throughout the game, the snoring guard and noisy burglar make entertaining sounds. Instead of trying for traditional combos to win, Cash Caper requires players to match two parts of the same prize to win it.

The animations for Cash Caper are fast and seamless with players not technically vying for enormous prizes, the cumulative winnings are well worth the effort. This slot is ideal for those who like their slots fluid and consistent.

Bonus Features: Cash Caper Slot Game

The bonus round of Cash Caper is triggered when a player matches two parts of a bonus bag across the reels. During the bonus round, players are presented with five safes to choose from. Players choose one and collect whatever is lingering inside. Most often, free spins are won through the bonus game. The luckiest players may find a key in their safe which can take them to a new bonus room. There, a giant wheel is spun where a number will show the player how many free spins they win.

Coin Sizes: Cash Caper Slot Game

This 5-reel slot from Cryptologic has different fixed coin values of either $0.20 or $1.00. This allows players to have more control over their casino budget.

Where To Play Cash Caper Slot Game

If you want to try your hand at stealing the big prize, play Cash Caper slot game today at various online casinos, including Intercasino!