Black Gold Rush Slots

Do you remember the time when oil prospecting was the in thing? In fact, there are still a lot who want to hit it big with an oil mine. Relive those days at one of the traditional slots called Black Gold Rush. Get a piece of the mine that hides some of the treasures so that you feel that you get rewarded for the effort you have put in while playing casino games. It is common for players to lose more money because they lack the skill or the knowledge on how a game should be played well. With Black Gold Rush Slots, be on equal footing with other players whether they're young or old, smarter or not.

Download and play Black Gold Rush Slots right this second and get your hands dirty with oil.

Combinations on the Middle Payline

Black Gold Rush uses only three reels following a theme of oil field. Maximum wager : $25 Minimum wager : $0.1 Paylines number : 1

The payouts are checked and credited only against the center payline after the reels finish spinning. And speaking of checking payouts, the table will show that players need to get at least three of most of the winning symbols except the Oil Pumb symbol. So, for the Oil Pumb, just get one of it and payout is already set to be credited. The rest of the symbols that need to come out three times on the reels are the Triple Oil Drops, Triple Dollar Signs, Cars, Cowboy Hats, Oil Barrels, Texas States and Gold Bars. Get as much as 2000 times your coin bet in winnings. Consider a $10 coin bet on the center payline showing three Triple Oil Drops, that's going to sum up to $20,000. No one player in his right mind would want to miss this one.

Welcome Surprises

Things are drilled down to the basics with the use of center payline alone across all three reels. Players can bet as much as three coin wagers at one time for each round. Black Gold Rush Slots should be doubly exciting because it comes with a wild symbol that further intensifies the game and puts the player to an advantage. This factor allows a player to change one non-bearing symbol with the wild symbol to come up with a winner. Best part of it is that payout is increased to twice that of the regular credit shown on the payout table if the wild symbol was utilized to come up with the win.

Where to Play

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