Cryptocurrencies have really hold their own especially for the last several years, with Bitcoin being in everyone’s hearts and minds when it comes down to online gambling. Since the release of Bitcoin, however many other online currencies have been created. Another very profitable one is called Ethereum. It was released in 2014 with the purpose of granting users more flexibility. The main currency is called Ether but the great thing about the network is the fact that custom currencies can be created personally by the user so that they can be fitted better to his or her uses. It is a great idea and many casinos are counting on the diversity of Ether to attract more and more players.

Ethereum Casinos

The Ethereum Currency

In order to enjoy the services of Ethereum, one must download a wallet program and afterwards the products available in the network can be acquired. From then on, people can choose between many different currencies and virtually create one for themselves, selecting its format, building the contract, creating individual coins, etc. The currency of Ethereum carries the abbreviation ETH and it is available at various casinos and websites. The process is simple enough. The player needs to enter the cashier and choose the preferred method. Most likely, the gambler will be asked to send the funds to another account that is in the casino’s control. Then you will be a few short seconds away from being all set to play. Some websites grant access to the currency without requiring the player to sign up or make installments. These sites are not too sophisticated but the process with them is even faster and simpler.

The Ethereum Advantages

Apart from the fact that Ethereum offers all the comforts that the majority of other currencies are proud of, it provides a number of other unique surprises. The currency is equally efficient when it comes down to both depositing and withdrawing. The processing time is brought down to a minimum, the security is exceptionally strong most of all because both the sender and the receiver can provide digital confirmation of the movement of the money. Furthermore, right now, Ethereum comes with a price that is 1 percent from that of Bitcoin which makes them a lot easier to acquire but also preserves their value as a unit. Games that stand out for their low-maintenance and simple design are perfect for Ethereum because with them the level of security rises exponentially. The top 5 casinos, the players of which are benefitting from the currency are Mega Casino, Jackpot City Casino, Spin Palace Casino, Gaming Club Casino and Prime Slots Casino.

Ethereum’s uses are yet to be investigated and experienced in full and who knows how much the online currency’s flexibility and freedom will allow it to expand and become even more popular in the eyes of online gamblers around the world.