Winter Gold Video Slot

Winter Gold Video slot has been launched just in time to compliment the winter Olympics which will be taking place in February in Canada. What better way to take part in the winter Olympics all from the comfort of your own home, and you don’t even have to dress up warmly if you don’t want to!

Ski Jump, Bobsleigh or Even Speed Skate when You Play Winter Gold Slots

Winter Gold Video Slot is a 5 reel 15 payline slots game that features most of the winter Olympic sports that we know, from bobsleighing to speed skaters, ski jumping to biathlons, everything has been covered. All of the symbols are not only realistic representations of these popular sports but are brightly colored and some are even animated. The winter sports symbols are accompanied by the top letters and numbers that represent card values; these are also brightly colored and have a shot of ice with a star running through them. The appearance may be rather cold but the excitement and of course welcome to the game is definitely warm. Whether you choose to play for fun to begin with or real money, you will soon warm up to the spinning reels and enjoy the excitement of every stage of Winter Gold Video Slot.

15 Different Paylines and Plenty of Extra Fun with Winter Gold Slots

Bets can range from $0.01 up to $0.20 per coin size and with 15 different paylines to choose from, there is quite a betting range. OF course it is always better to try and bet the maximum number of coins for each round as this gives you the best coverage when playing and gives you a chance to win more when your winning lines come in, but, that does not mean that you have to bet the highest coin value each time. If you are not sure how to bet or what to bet, then take advantage of the play for fun mode that is offered at most casinos.

Go For Gold and Win Free Spins and Take Part in Winter Sports

The gold medal is of course the scatter symbol in this game and acts not just as a multiplier but also as a gateway to the bonus game. But, first about the fantastic qualities the scatter gold medal offers as a multiplier. Two scatter golds on your screen will give you a multiplier of 2x, 3 will give you 3x, 4 will give you 20x and 5 will give you an incredible 400x the bet you have placed. SO the scatter gold medals really are something to look out for. In addition 3 or more scatters on your screen will lead you to a whole new game which is the bonus sports game where free spins and cash prizes can be won.

Try Your Luck at One of the Winter Sports for Extra Cash Wins

The bonus game of Winter Gold Video slot takes place on a separate screen. On the new screen you are presented with a wheel of fortune which has 8 possible stops. These stops are made up of free spins, bobsleigh, ski jump, speed skating and biathlon. Depending on where the spinning wheel lands will depend on your outcome. Free spins can be retriggered. If you land on a sport, you actually get to compete in that sport and are presented with cash prizes depending on how you do. Every player comes away with a prize when playing the bonus game. So even if you don’t fancy yourself as the next bobsleigh gold medalist, you still might manage to get that medal and win some money when you play the exciting and thrilling Winter Gold Video Slot.