Treasure Chamber Slots

The theme of the game Treasure Chamber came from the action packed Indiana Jones. This game is composed of five reels with a 20 line payout that is filled with fantastic graphics and sound effects that will definitely transport you to the world of an adventurer. Seek out the treasures within the chamber by matching different symbols. It is an easy game that will keep you on your seats while waiting for the random jackpot to fall. Play Treasure Chamber Slots, you'll be one step ahead to one Indiana Jones adventure.

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Chamber is easy enough to play even for novices. All you need to do is to learn the rules of the game. This means you need to identify the symbols that you will see in the game to better mark them. The payout for each winning combination is also one of the things that you should learn since this will give you an idea on which pay line you should bet on and how much you need to bet.

Deciphering the Clues

Part of any treasure hunting is the clues. You need to decipher them in order to get the treasure, and in this game, you need to know what the clues look like. There are a number of symbols that you can find in Treasure Chamber such as the main adventurer, rose, woman, green jaguar, golden owl, and shifting icon. The main adventurer is the wild symbol in Treasure Chamber, and it replaces other symbols in a line to make a winning combination. The rose acts as the scatter symbol in this game, and when you have three or more, it will trigger the bonus game. The bonus game is equivalent to free spins where you will get a bigger chance of getting the jackpot.

Where the Chamber Lies

Treasure Chamber cannot be seen anywhere all the time. There are only specific places recorded that has this type of game. You can choose which one is the best for you. Most online casinos offer their clients with signup bonuses and privileges. We recommend to play at Win Palace Casino and get up to $3000 welcome bonus! With wonderful bonus such as this, you will surely enjoy the game more.