Swept Away Slots

Swept Away is a 3 reels, 1-payline slot game powered by Vegas Technology and offered for your gaming pleasure at the best online casinos. The theme is obvious from the game symbols and background. The game pertains to being swept away to the shores of a far-flung island – perhaps because of a shipwreck or some such seafaring accident.

Swept Away Slots symbols

Consistent with the theme, the game has a background image of a golden beach hemmed in by azure, blue waters. The logo, moreover, reinforces the theme with its picture of a small island with a single palm tree and an inflatable raft. The inflatable raft (which comes in blue, red and yellow) is one of the game symbols but getting one on the payline will not win you anything. The game symbols that make up the winning combinations are the SOS symbols (single- SOS, double- SOS, triple- SOS), a campfire, and the Swept Away logo.

The game images are quite pleasant although they're not spectacular to look at. The sound effects are quite generic, too, mimicking the sounds of spinning reels in slot machines found in live casinos.

Playing Swept Away

To play Swept Away , you should choose your coin value (you can choose a coin up to 10 dollars in value), then decide on the number of coins you wish to bet on one spin. Choose 1 or 2 coins by using the Bet One button on the lower part of the screen, just below the reels. Click Bet Max if you want to bet the maximum 3 coins.

Swept Away winning combinations

There are 9 winning combinations in Swept Away. Just by getting 1 or 2 Swept Away logos on the payline, you can win up to 6 or 15 coins, respectively. Naturally, you will win a higher payout if you bet more coins. In fact, you can only win the jackpot of 4000 coins by betting the maximum number of coins then hitting 3 Swept Away logos on the payline.

If you form a winning combination, the Swept Away logo at the bottom of the game screen will flash. Thus, you will know when you win, even if you don't keep checking your payline.

Swept Away Slots jackpot

Swept Away may be a simple and uncomplicated theme-slot, but it is capable of giving you a wonderful time. You will appreciate how truly wonderful it is if you win its pretty substantial jackpot. Just imagine, play bet max for $10, win the jackpot of 4,000 coins and you'll end up with $40,000 on a mere $30 spin.

Play Swept Away Slots

Rush to your computer now and see how much excitement a game can hold with Swept Away. You won’t want to miss all the fun do you?