Euro Golden Cup Slots

Euro Golden Cup Slots is a football-themed game with a distinct style of its own – appearance-wise and gameplay-wise. There isn’t a spectacular background involving a stadium and a roaring crowd on the main screen - there are just 5 reels, colored in different shades of green. The top part of the screen is dominated by the game’s title and to the left and to the right of it are 15 empty positions (30 in total).

Players will notice that the drawing style of the player symbols is very specific – almost comic-book like. The game is in possession of 25 paylines. The total bet can be as large as approximately 10 dollars. The gameplay involves a wild, a scatter, many profitable paytable symbols and a huge number of bonus features, which will thrill and entertain in equal measure.

Gain Excellent Prizes Through the Euro Golden Cup Paytable

The scatter Whistle pays with multipliers increasing the total bet – 2 times for 2 symbols, 5 times for 3 symbols, 10 times for 4 symbols and 50 times for 5 symbols. The white player with the fancy hair-do on violet background offers 50, 500 and 1000 credits. The African-American player, mysteriously covered in green light brings 20, 250 and 750 credits. The player with the blue background awards 20, 250 and 750 credits.

The player with the orange background grants 20, 100 and 500 credits. The orange jersey with the number 14 on it gives 15, 75 and 250 credits, the grey jersey with the number 13 – 15, 75 and 150 credits, the pink jersey with the number 12 – 15, 50 and 150 credits, the green jersey with the number 11 – 10, 50 and 150 credits, the blue jersey with the number 10 – 10, 25 and 100 credits and the yellow jersey with the number 9 – 2, 5, 25 and 100 credits for its 4 combinations.

Enjoy the Uses of the Wild and Unlock Terrific Bonus Games

The wild gold football symbol doesn’t offer payouts of its own but it can replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form winning combinations. It can only make an appearance on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. Euro Golden Cup’s bonus features can be unlocked by collecting Trophies. When a flag shows up on the both the first and the fifth reel, a Trophy will be collected.

Profit from the Level 1 and 2 Features

At Level 1, at least 3 scatter symbols will activate the Playmaker Free Spin feature – 10 free spins will be granted and they will include Stacked Sliding Wilds, which will be covering entire reels with wild symbols. Another triple scatter combination can bring another 10 free spins. When 15 Trophies are collected, the Level Two bonus features will become available.

Acquiring 3 scatters will then allow gamblers to choose between playing the Striker or the Play Maker feature. The Level 2 free spins feature will award 12 spins. The Striker feature includes 10 free spins and there will be multiple Striker targets across the reels. Each one of these targets will be replaced by one of the other symbols in the game.

Choose From 3 Great Bonus Games at Level 3

When the player gathers 30 Trophies, the Level Three features will be unlocked. This time, players will be able to choose between the Play Maker Feature, the Striker Feature or the Penalty Shootout Feature. The Level 3 Play Maker Free Spins Feature will include 15 free spins, again with Stacked Sliding Wilds. The Level 3 Striker Feature offers 10 free spins but this time the Target symbols that appear will all be transformed into Wilds.

As far as the Penalty Shootout Feature is concerned, it will give players the opportunity to go for goal 5 times. A location where the ball will be shot at will have to be chosen. A missed shot will award 1 time the bet. A goal will grant 2, 3, 4 or 5 times the total wager. During the feature, the Opponent will also be taking penalties and if the player ends up scoring more goals, the prizes acquired through this feature will end up being multiplied by 5. If the number of goals of the gambler and the Opponent are equal, the prizes will be doubled. If the player’s goals are less, his earnings won’t be increased.

Euro Golden Cup Slots is an entertaining, visually original and extremely profitable game with a soccer theme, which provides solid payouts through its paytable and even better ones through its complex but undeniably satisfying network of bonus features.