Goal!!! Slots

Goal!!! Slots
Goal!!! is not your ordinary sport-themed slot. On the surface it is a spectacularly looking game with a cinematically out of focus background image of a giant empty stadium with projectors lighting it up in the night. Underneath, it is a slot with a simplified, but extremely efficient gameplay. It involves 4 reels, 4 rows and 16 paylines. The maximum bet per line is 20 credits and the biggest possible total bet is 320 credits. Throughout the game, players can benefit from a generous paytable and a couple of fun bonus features.

Profit from Superbly Paying Football Symbols

The wild of the game is the football, which is the game’s best-paying symbol, offering 10 000 credits for 3 symbols and 20 000 credits for 4 symbols. The scatter Cup trophy brings 3200 credits for 4 symbols and 1600 credits for 3 symbols. The striker awards 5000 credits for 4 symbols and 600 credits for 3 symbols. The goalkeeper grants 3000 credits for 4 symbols and 400 credits for 3 symbols.

The logo “GOAL!!!” gives 1500 credits for 4 symbols and 300 credits for 3 symbols. The symbol, depicting footballers, whose silhouettes are covered with various national flags of great teams provides gamblers with 1000 credits for 4 symbols and 200 credits for 3 symbols. The blue jersey with the number “7” on it delivers 240 and 60 credits for 4 and 3 symbols respectively and the white jersey with the number “10” – 160 and 40 credits for the same combinations.

Enjoy Many Free Spins and Helpful Payline Multipliers

The wild Football can replace the rest of the symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter Cup symbol. At least 3 scatter symbols activate the free spin feature of the game. 10 free spins will be awarded. 10 more free spins will be awarded if the triple scatter combination appears during the already provided free spins.

The game’s winning combinations can be calculated in any direction as it is depicted on the main screen in the top right corner of the main screen. Furthermore, most of the 16 paylines in the game award multiplying prizes. The paylines that count from left to right don’t increase the earnings. The paylines from right to left double prizes. The paylines that pay downwards triple earnings. The paylines that pay upwards multiply prizes by 4.

Goal!!! is a great game with a majestic background image, a comfortable and rare set up, allowing for many well-paying winning combinations, which will please fans of both soccer and slot gambling thrills.