Bodog TV

True to its word, New Bodog Casino is only going in one direction: forward. Bodog Entertainment is producing more and more shows and events that range from mixed martial arts tournament to battles on the stage and on the poker table. Soon the Bodog that is well known in the gambling industry might just shed off its old skin for a more mainstream entertainment strategy.

What to See Bodog TV

Want to see some excitement that really packs punches? Tune in to Bodog TV and watch fighters clash head to head with each other in Bodog Fight, a mixed martial arts competition where only the strongest survive. See the strongest fighters and the sexiest girls on Bodog TV.

Listen and watch promising talents morph into music icons in this hip reality TV series. Watch as your favorite bands are entered into the most challenging situations they could face as full-pledged rock stars, from making music videos to performing in the streets. Hit the road and join the bands in this once-in-a-lifetime chance to fame.

What could be more exciting than a game of poker? Well, Bodog knows how a game of poker could pump up the adrenaline on every poker player’s veins so they launched Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker. And with the success of the first season poker games, they have launched a full-scale series with all the high stakes, the hot women and the exotic parties that Bodog is well known for. Watch Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker on Bodog TV and see Shannon Elizabeth, MMA Legend Chuck Liddell and renowned poker master Daniel Negraneau stake it all out on the felt table.

Bodog TV, Watch Here, Watch Now

Watch your favorite Bodog Entertainment shows on your TV with Fox Sport’s Network, Joost, The Score Television Network and others. Missed your favorite show? Sign-up with Bodog TV and download your favorite videos in Hi-Definition and Ipod-ready versions. You can also order DVD’s, CD’s and other merchant items with Bodog Store, so you don’t have any excuses for missing an episode.

Bodog TV, Take a Peek

There’s so much to see and enjoy with Bodog TV, from concerts and performances, to poker tournaments, competitions and more. And with Bodog TV’s edgiest crafts and newest programs in the industry you can expect more shows to be added on its ever growing list. So turn you tube on, turn up the volume for Bodog and enjoy a different kind of television.