Winter Wonderland Slots

Just because the sun has gone does not mean that there is no more fun to be had.. Winter brings with it its own sense of delight and activities. Watch as the lake freezes over, ready for skating. The first real snowfall is bound to bring everyone out in their droves, each member of the family lending a hand to make the biggest snowman on the block. How about some friendly competition in a downhill extreme sledding race? Or take those skis down from the rafters; perhaps some more practice will do your pounding heart some good. Vegas Technology has brought all the best of winter into one fun filled slot game to remind you that winter is enjoyable after all. In Winter Wonderland Slots not only are the symbols wintery but so too is the rest of the slot. The reels are transformed into glass panes, frosted over from the cold with snow dripping over the top of them. The paylines are numbered on blobs of snow and the buttons are all carved of raw ice.

Let the fun begin

Twenty paylines is a real steal so be sure to play all lines on each spin. Betting on a line requires only one coin whose value can be reduced right down to a single cent each. 20c is your minimum bet on all lines while on the other end of the spectrum the bet can go as high as $200. Just remember, the higher the bets, the bigger the value of the top prize. Video slots with bonus rounds are often best played on lower bet sizes when the fixed jackpot is smaller. This simply means that you afford yourselves more chances to spin your way into a bonus round sooner. Smaller jackpots are usually indicative of wins being spread out more evenly and more rewarding bonuses being paid out during feature rounds. As long as all 20 lines are activated it may never be necessary to play max bet but rather to slowly increase your bet as your balance improves.

Cold cash to warm the heart

Watch out for the big solitary, six sided snowflake, this is your scatter and pays with all disregard for paylines. The scatter is the multiplier and pays a multiplication of your bet depending on how many you get on the screen at the same time. As little as 2 will pay out double your bet while 5 pays you 250 times your bet. Playing max bet of $200 when you get this lucky arrangement will win you $50,000, an icy $10,000 more than the top payout! The snowflake is a very lucky symbol indeed and on top of the payouts you can also be sure that with three or more snowflakes scattered on the screen you can win yourself 15 complementary spins. The wild is the happy snowman. Just as valuable as the snowflake, 5 all on the same payline wins the jackpot. As the wild his other function is to play substitute for other symbols when they are missing to complete a win. The skier, flying overhead, is the bonus symbol. Three bonus symbols and the skier is ready to take you to a playful and engaging bonus round.

The money or the box?

Here you find yourself at the very top of the ski slope where markers have been set out in the snow for you. Choose any one of these markers for your skier to ski to. The skier then comes flying down the slop to land on the marker winning you a prize. You get three chances to pick up random prizes. At the end of the game your total winnings are presented to you and you are able to exchange them for a holiday gift or keep your winnings. The gift also contains a cash amount and there is no way of telling which the better prize is. Are you going to take your chances? Will curiosity get the better of you?

Come outside and play, it's a beautiful day!

Winter is not a time to be closing yourself indoors, there is plenty to do outside to keep the blood pumping and the heart racing. Warm yourself up with fun and games on the icy slope. Download and play this feel good game now.

Now where you find this wonderful winter wonderland slots, there are several online casinos that offer this beautiful game, why not try Liberty Slots Casino Online to get the snowball rolling. Slots games are so much fun, let this winter wonderland slots game get the adrenaline pumping.