Queen of the Jungle Video Slot

There are times when on a quiet evening you yearn for Tarzan yells and vine swinging through the jungle married with a wild and witty slot game. Fortunately Microgaming has introduced their latest and one of their greatest big video slot games, Queen of the Jungle.

The Jungle Queen’s Symbols

Queen of the Jungle leverages our memories of Sheena and Tarzan stories with images of the Jungle Queen, a Tarzan-like suitor, fruit baskets, fruity cocktails and Queen of the Jungle logos. And monkeys. There are lots of mischievous and friendly monkeys around every corner. Card indices are also used for combos, but they have been so nicely redesigned that we hardly notice that they are fundamental to the game.

The Riches of the Jungle Queen

Coin values may be set between 1¢ and 50¢ and up to 180 coins may be bid per spin, making the maximum bet $90, suitable for the highest of the high rollers. And yet, all lines may be played with a bet as little as 9¢. There is truly fun to be had by all levels of players on this machine.

The big jackpot on this one is 3000 coins, so players who are risking 50¢ coins can look forward to a big payout of $1500. Additionally, there is a secondary jackpot of 1500 coins and many lesser payouts below that.

For the Amusement of the Jungle Queen

The Queen of the Jungle logo serves as the wild card in this game, and it will substitute in any combo except the scatter.

The scatter symbol is what players will really be looking for. They are the fruity cocktail and the mischievous monkeys. Three or more of the cocktails trigger free spins, which may be compounded during the free spin phase. The monkeys are the real money makers, as they trigger the side-game. This is a side-game for true lovers of video slots. You choose the monkey bearing the game that you want to play, and then you go in for the choices that will compound your winnings.

Play the Queen of the Jungle Tonight

As with all of Microgaming’s recent entries, Queen of the Jungle is a smooth operating and great looking game. Moreover it is truly an extraordinary game, filled with fun and potential for big winnings. The jackpots are fairly modest by current standards, but it compensates for that with regular returns and frequent side games. We found Queen of the Jungle to be one of our very favorite video slots.

So make yourself comfortable in your jungle hut, pull up your most comfortable log, and get yourself a large and fruity drink with an umbrella in it, and spin the reels of the Queen of the Jungle Slots tonight! You will be amply rewarded!

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