Lumber Cats Slots

Do you dream of swinging from tree to tree, jacking lumber in the forests of British Columbia? Breathing the clean air and living in the wilds? If so, Microgaming’s new Lumber Cats slot game may be the one for you!

Lumber Themes

The look of Lumber Cats is that of the forest and the outdoors. To accomplish this there are many lovely graphics, both on the reels and in the background art, all of which is exceptional. The look is that of a very sleek and well executed cartoon, and the main character of the game, the Lumber Cat, is a feline lumberjack toting a crosscut saw and sporting a ball cap.

Cat’s Symbols

Lumber Cats makes use of creatively integrated card indices at the low end, with wood-grained cards ranging from 9 through A. Higher up there are forests, cottages and cats. Only the highest levels of symbols feature animations, and those are fairly simple in nature, but the design is witty and appealing.

Kitty Winnings

This is a five reel, 20 payline game allows the player to set coin values to denominations ranging from 1¢ up to 25¢, and players may bet up to 10 coins per line. This makes the maximum bet per spin 200 coins, or $50 if playing quarters, making this game appealing to players ranging from casual players up to relatively high rollers.

The big jackpot here is worth 6000 coins or $1500 at the 25¢ coin value. The secondary jackpot on this game is remarkably close in value to the big one at 4000 coins or $1000 at if playing quarters.

Cattastic Side Game

When the Log symbol pops up on reels one and five, and the Lumbercat wildcard is on reel three, the Log Roll feature comes into play. On the Log Roll, five re-spins are awarded and the Lumber Cat symbol expands to cover all of the positions played on reel three. Additionally, the Log symbols become Lumber Cat wildcard symbols, compounding the number of winning combinations and payouts.

After a win is paid in Lumber Cats one of the best and most exciting features kicks in – the Gamble Feature. This feature allows players to double or quadruple their winnings if they make the correct guesses, but if they guess wrong, they lose it all. This ups the excitement quotient considerably.

Be a Lucky Cat Tonight!

This is not the most complex of games, and it does not offer a progressive jackpot, but the fixed jackpots are extremely generous. The game is fun, witty and very attractive. Like all Microgaming games, it works perfectly. The jackpots are extraordinarily generous and the wildcards are frequent, making the payouts hit constantly.

So settle into your favorite gambling chair and log onto your favorite Microgaming facility, and get the Lumber Cat reels spinning.