Spike’s Nite Out Slots

Poker Playing Pooches is the theme at Spike's Nite Out, and will endear this game to canine lovers everywhere. With 5 reels, 15 paylines, and 38 winning combinations, it promises to have all the ingredients for a barkingly good time. The symbols include a wild, a scatter, a dog with a beer, dogs with cards, their all-time cat nemesis, and many more.

Dogging the Game

The wild symbol is "Spike's Nite Out" and the scatter is "doggy time." The Spike's Nite Out bonus feature is activated when three or more doggy time symbols are aligned on the reels. Now here's the doggy treat: during the bonus game, 6 dogs will be displayed, and one is chosen to reveal a prize. Dog selection continues until the highest random bonus prize is discovered and multiplied by the total bet amount. This can bring a win of up to 6,750 coins.

The Spike's Nite Out wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol, including the "doggy time" scatter symbol, in this game. That's really worth digging up old bones for!

Spike's Nite out appeals to the gaming newcomer with bets ranging from one cent to 20 cents. A maximum bet of 30 coins per spin may earn 30,000 coins in the base game and an additional 1,350 coins on bonuses, so don't cash in your chips just yet! The graphics are striking and the acoustics are clear. There is also an autoplay feature which, when used, can be very convenient in shortening the spinning time.

Mixing It Up

Another exciting feature in Spike's Nite Out is the mixed-pay winning combination. This occurs when the D"og at the Table" and the "Dog With Chips" symbols show up from left to right on an enabled payline, with at least one of them making an appearance on the first reel. To complete a Mixed Pay combination, the "Spike's Nite Out" wild symbol can substitute for both the dog at the table and the dog with chips symbols.