Heavy Metal Slots

Heavy Metal Slots is completely different breed of slot games…it is different in so many ways. First of all, Heavy Metal Slots offers three reels but…check this out…four pay lines. There is no need to download this game because your bets are based on your prior game history. Sound good so far? You actually have an opportunity to win on each and every pay line that you enable. You increase your odds of winning by placing maximum bets to increase your winning!

Heavy Metal Slots Previous Spins

How much you will win is completely determined by the symbols and the stakes on each pay line. You always have sight of what happened during your last three spins. The object is to create three brand new pay lines which may pay off the same way as the original slot pay line. You can play Heavy Metal slots on PC, Mac, or on your mobile.

Heavy Metal Slots HOLD

Those who have been playing this slot will give you these words of advice…watch the blue display to determine what your next move will be. You also have the option to HOLD when that word pops up at random. This means that you can hold back and bit and reexamine what you did for the last three spins so you can make better choices.

Heavy Metal Slots Graphics

The graphics in this slot game are luminous and the slot machine is designed to look as if it is a piece of manufacturing machinery. Three of the four pay lines run vertical and the fourth reel is actually on the reels. Crazy huh? The top row on the blue screen shows the symbols from your last win, the middle row are from two spins ago and the bottom is from three spins ago.

Heavy Metal Slots Craziness!

The minimum bet in Heavy Metal Slots is .50 and the maximum bet is $8. The coin values are .50, $1, and $2. The symbols in this slot are question marks, spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts, the number 7, stars, dollar signs and the sevens jackpot symbol. There is no scatter symbol in Heavy Metal. The question mark symbol is wild, and two of them can appear in any position on pay line three. Three question mark symbols will pay out. All symbols are multipliers and will increase the amount of your original bet by the amount shown on the pay table.

Where to Play Heavy Metal Slots

Play Heavy Metal Slots at 32Red Casino and take advantage of their $100 welcome bonus and offers 10% cash back on every purchase that you make for life.