Fighting Fish Slots

Get into the ring; these fish are planning on making sushi of each other! The graphics are great, superb and entertaining. The fighting fish stand upright with fins curled into boxing gloves together with expressions of distaste. In the background it is clear that these fish are in an enclosed underwater arena fighting for the Deep Sea Title. Microgaming developers have a clear sense of humor and you can be laughing all the way to the bank with one of their firm favorites.

Battle it out and take home the glory

This fun and entertaining game has all the bells and whistles so keep an eye on your opponent and your left hook at the ready. There are 30 paylines, each payline is made up with a symbol from each of the 5 reels. 30 paylines means 30 shots at the jackpot with each spin. If you choose not to activate all lines, just bear in mind that any wins on inactive lines will not be added to your balance.

You can stack as many as 10 coins on each payline that you activate although it only takes one coin to activate one line. The value of the coin can also be varied from 1c up to 25c. Adjust each of these settings to place your bet.

With one coin on each line with the lowest coin size of 1c, you can play all 30 lines for just 30c. Or feeling lucky, slide it all the way up to $75. Looking at this slot, the free spins are triggered by a very specific set of conditions so to give yourself a more than fair shot at holding out for them keep your bet low, the more you spin the better your chances get at not only the jackpot but also at playing for free.

The fighters and their crew of supporters

The wild fighting fish are the wild symbols. They are the substitutes and will substitute for any of their fellow symbols to help you get more wins. There are two wilds here, the red fighter who can only be found on the second reel, and the blue fighting fish, appearing on reel four. So do two wilds double your chances at wild winnings? These opponents, keen on getting at each other, and also responsible for free spins.

The scatter symbol is the boxing ring seen from above cornered with four sea pineapples. The scatter’s only job is to pay a multiplication of what you have staked. They pay no matter how they are aligned. Three together on the screen will pay five times your wager and all five will pay 100 times you bet. Had you decided to play max bet you could be swimming out of there with $75,000!

In amongst the card symbols from the 9 up to the ace you will also find an ice bucket to cool the crazy fish down, a pair of boxing gloves, the Deep Sea Trophy and none other than the crab, Mr Jackpot himself. Five crabs on the same payline will pay out 5,000 coins per coin staked on that line. Just one coin and you win will be $1,250 or at the full throttle of 10 coins per line your winnings are a fish slapping R12,500!

It’s the final countdown

Just let those fish get at each other and they can have it out in a head to head contest. When they both fall on their reels in the same spin, they expand and turn to each other, fists at the ready. Who do you think is going to win? Select and opponent, if he wins your free spins takings are doubled, if not you still get the three free spins!

No ordinary spins are these! The background becomes the party and the spectators are gathered in their droves to watch the match. Reels 2 and 4 stand still, filled with the 2 wilds while the remaining three reels spin three times. With each spin the wilds increase your chances at a great prize.

Fight your way to the top

A delight to behold, the humor in this game is second to none. This game has a little bit of everything and a decent jackpot to suit your bet size. Download the Microgaming software to have it out at the Deep Sea Championships.