Cubis Slots

Online gamers who have ever enjoyed the entertaining and addictive fun offered by the exciting game Cubis are going to be thrilled with the Cubis Slots Game. Offering tons of chances to win great prizes, Cubis Slots is sure to delight even the pickiest casino gambler. For your chance to play this exciting and unique slot machine game, head to your favorite online casino.

Cubis Isn’t Your Typical Slots Game

Unlike many of the traditional 5 Reel Slots games available online, Cubis Slots offers a different type of structure; you’ll find a 3D cube with 25 symbols on 3 sides. Instead of selecting a position for each individual cube, like you do in the original Cubis, you will first select how many of the 15 paylines you would like to play and then watch as cubes slide into place. Winning is very simple in Cubis Slots: Just keep playing until there are 4 or more cubes of the same color on any given line, and then collect your winnings. Once the cubes disappear after a winning combination, they’ll automatically be replaced, which offers you new chances to win! You’re sure to love how easy it is to play the Cubis Slots Game.

Are You Looking for a Multiplier?

In the Cubis Slots Game, players have the chance to win even more than the normal payouts! In addition to being a wild symbol that can help gamblers create winning combinations, the Wild Dice Symbol also acts as a multiplier; payline winnings will be multiplied by the total number of cubes in the winning combination. This is a great way to increase your odds of winning, so make sure you play all 15 paylines to maximize your chances for a huge payout!

Special Symbols Make Cubis Wins Easy!

Although many traditional games, like Reel Deal Slots, offer the player bonus games as part of the slots experience, Cubis Slots provides Bonus Symbols that could make you very wealthy! To learn more about the exciting bonus potential in the Cubis Slots Game, read on!

The Cubis Slots Line Bomb sends out 4 fireballs at 90 degree angles that will clear the cubes that it touches; these cubes are instantly replaced with new icons, providing the gambler with a fresh set of symbols that could lead to exciting wins!

Similarly, the Square Bomb will destroy all of the cubes on one of the sides of the large cube. These are also replaced with new symbols that could be used to create bigger and better winning combinations!

Finally, the Nuclear Bomb is used to completely clear all of the cubes on your screen! This means that every square that you see will disappear and 75 fresh cubes will appear, making your odds of winning even better! For your opportunity to enjoy all of these amazing bomb features and a chance to play for great cash prizes, give Cubis Slots a try today!

Cubis Will Redefine Your Slot Machine Gaming Experience!

If you’re ready for something other than the typical 3 Reel Slots experience, give Cubis Slots a chance. You’ll love the cube that replaces the reels, the adjustable bets that range from $0.01 to $20.00, and the gorgeous, colorful graphics. Remember that the top prize could potentially as high as 50,000 coins for the correct combination… so place your bets accordingly! Head to your favorite online casino today to enjoy one of the most original slot machine games available on the web; you don’t want to skip this thrilling slots experience!