Love Bugs Slots

Love Bugs Slots

If you want to play a bright and fun slots game with champagne, chocolates and plenty more delights besides, download and play the Love Bugs Slots game now. This is a cool new offering for slots gamers and there is a lot to get your teeth into as well.

How many reels does the game use?

This slots game has five reels to choose and spin.

How many paylines does it have?

There is a total of twenty five paylines you can bet on if you wish when playing Love Bugs Slots. This gives you a greater versatility than you'll be offered in many other online slots games. Some have twenty but this game gives you more.

What special symbols do you need to watch out for?

As with all online slots games there are certain symbols that provide you with a substitute for other symbols. In this game you have two potential substitutes to watch out for - the love bug and the lady bug. These can act in place of any other symbol to give you the chance of a win. The only one you cannot replace is the scattered heart.

Can you keep the bets nice and low?

Yes, you can indeed do this if you wish. Bet just a few cents at a time and choose the number of paylines you want to bet on with each spin. And since you can start off playing for free and for fun, why not test the waters before you start playing for real money?

How many symbols do you have to match up?

Sometimes you will only need to match two symbols to bag a smaller prize. Two mansions together will pay out $5 for example. Five boxes of chocolates in a row would net you $150, while the best prize to shoot for is five mansions in a row. If you got this you would win $5,000.

What kind of prizes are on offer?

The $5,000 prize is the best you can win on this game. But with plenty of chances to grab smaller prizes of $2, $5 and $10 you stand a pretty good chance of taking something home once you get the hang of the game.

Download and play Love Bugs Slots now

Love Bugs Slots is quirky and fun to play, with plenty of chances to pay out on matching symbols. Give it a try and see how you fare.