Crazy Jewelery Slots

It is in Italy that you will find a jeweler whose job it is to safeguard the world’s most precious stones. This honorable job does not come without its risks and the jeweler is tormented by thieves constantly trying to replace his authenticated stones with fakes. Join him as he speeds off to his little shop carefully concealed by a graffiti’d rolling iron door. As the heavily tattooed guard slides the door up the shop window reveals a beautiful display of all kinds of jewelery. The display cases reveal themselves as the 5 reels of a slot machine.

The guard sitting on his stool outside the shop in his bullet proof vest, skimpy t-shirt and super tight jeans, has wonderful animations. With each win he shouts, Bravo! Fantistico! Si! He tosses the thief off the screen as he catches him sneaking up to the shop window. The icons are all 3 dimensional and as they create wins they expand while the jeweler comments and they do a 360 degree rotation inside their frames.

The sounds are wonderful from background music to auditory animations including a coin dropping, some impatient huffing of the guard and the getaway car hooting. Selecting autoplay increases the tempo of the music to the ‘Bad to the Bone tune’.

Just because it’s on 3D doesn’t mean it’s not easy to understand

The scooter in the foreground of the shop has some gift bags hanging from it and each of these is a button involved in game play. Clicking SELECT LINES increases the number of active lines by one with each click. LINE BET adds another coin per line each time you click on it. The CHOOSE BET bag changes the value of the coin which is printed on the bag. The values vary from 1c to $5. Max bet is $100 so while the game is great for high rollers it is also suitable for any kind of player with any kind of balance.

Though it may not be necessary to bet max right off the cuff it is highly recommended to activate all 20 of the paylines. This way each winning combination will be paid out. Stretching your balance over more spins also gives you a better shot at the bonus round!

The display cases unveiled

The little surveillance camera is the wild and each time he appears on reel three he expands down the entire length of it to reveal the hooded thief. While the thief is scampering off into the arms of the guard, the wild is creating winning combinations across all 20 paylines. The guard is the highest paying symbol rewarding you with 2,500 coins for 5 on the same payline. The coins are converted to currency based on your chosen coin value and can be as high as $10 000. Who said that protection wasn’t worth the money!

Look out also for the safe door, the diamonds scattered on a purple cushion embossed with the name of the game as well as a solitaire diamond ring in its open box, a diamond encrusted watch and a bust with an emerald pendant also feature.

Take your pick, but be careful

“It’s ok come on in”, says the jeweler, as the doors are flung open by the stony faced guard. All you need is 3 jeweler symbols to unlock the doors to the little shop. The jeweler appears only on the three left hand reels. Here you are shown a tray of various colored stones. Pick a stone and it moves under the jewelers hammer, he gives it a tap and if it shatters you have chosen one of the fakes. Choose 3 fakes and the bonus round is over. As you choose stones, the jeweler exclaims phrases such as “Fantistico – you will be rich!” and “Mamma mia – beautiful!” As you return to the main screen the guard fires a shot of excitement into the air.

No download just play!

As one of the very first in hopefully a long line of 3D slots this game is spectacular with animations like you have not experienced before. These games are all only available in the flash casino so no need to download, just click, get an account and start playing right away, at Lincoln Casino; Bovada Casino and many others.