Coral Reef Slots

To the depths of the ocean we go! And it is not just the majestic reef filled with colors and the clean and clear water that is attractive. The many different bright schools of fish that move in-between the bubbles and the coral are fascinating.

The secret is in its twist

Could this be a classic slot with a twist? Be careful of taking Coral Reef at face value, Liberty Slots Casino is well known for interesting games. This slot seems to have one payline when in actual fact there are 3, where two of them double up with different winning combinations to make it 5 paylines. You can only activate two at any given time. These two paylines includes the center line while the other active line is dependent on how many coins you have bet. You can bet as many as four coins per spin so each of additional 4 paylines are allocated to one of those coins. The more coins you bet the bigger the value of the winning combo on that line.

The paytable is key to understanding how you can really make money with this machine. The bottom paytable is very standard. With the addition of each coin the winnings from the matching symbols increases proportionately so according to this table there is no incentive to bet max at all.

The highest paying combination is 2,000 coins. You can get the chance of hitting 2,000 coins on two lines per spin by betting all four coins. The fourth coin activates a diagonal line and the winning combination is interestingly enough one of the lowest paying symbols, the Coral Reef logo.

Setting your bet size is between two variables. First is the number of coins, where betting four coins doubles your chances at a 2,000 coin jackpot. The other is in the coin size. The value of the coin can be set from 1c up to $10. If you have a small bank roll instead of betting on fewer lines rather bet all four lines on a lower coin size. The values range from 1c up to $10 and therefore the bet setting ranges from 4c to $40 as the max bet per spin.

Under the sea your future is brighter

The highest value symbol on the center line is the squid. It has no other function than to pay out the jackpot. The jackpot can be doubled by betting the fourth coin but instead of the squid the fourth line pays out for a row of three coral reef symbols. The third payline uses another lower paying symbol, the red seven, to pay out the next highest win of 1,000 coins.

Watch out for the shell, it has no intentions of paying out at all and is a booby trap symbol. Thank goodness for the fish and sevens that pays out for even one on a line.

The reefs are a place of peace and abundance

If you are looking for something a little more simple but with an interesting twist of the fish’s tails you have come to the right game. Download Liberty Slots now to get started and open an account, the beauty of the reefs await.