Cinerama Slots

Lights, camera…action! Bring on the movie freaks, we’ve got them all. Welcome to Hollywood, the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Here you hold the key to some of the most powerful people in the industry, you get to select who plays and who doesn’t and you also get to reap the rewards of your most excellent and highly experienced choices. On the other side of the camera you also get to sit and watch a major box office release, complementary movie tickets and all. But what better reason to play this fantastic slot than the progressive jackpot that is growing every second of the day.

The progressive is topped up by all players playing this game across each casino that offers it so there is a constant flow of cash. The jackpot hits on average every 8 weeks at an average of $66,000. The highest it has been to date is just under the $300,000 mark. When it is won it is reset to $1,500, set to climb at the rate of knots yet again.

You can do it, you were born a star!

To win the progressive jackpot you have got to bet max and this big money is not out of reach of anyone. The coin size is fixed at 5c so there is no conversion to be done. It just seems like so much money when you are playing with 5c pieces. The 5 reels have 5 paylines weaving through them, each is a chance to win and even possibly hit the progressive jackpot so be sure to have all 5 lines activated. Having the jackpot combination fall on an inactive payline is not the way the evening was meant to go. There is a maximum of 1 coin per line making the maximum bet a very minuscule 25c per spin. While many may prefer to steer clear of this slot for this reason they would be forfeiting the fact that this is a big prize for such a small risk.

The tools of the trade where reel money is made

The progressive pays out for 5 camera symbols on the same payline. This symbol is as rare as it is valuable and also plays the role of any other character gracing your screens helping you to complete a winning combination or making one that is already there a little better. Had you been playing max bet you will be awarded the progressive. Otherwise you can still pocket 10,000 coins.

Cinerama has two bonus rounds and two bonus symbols. The first bonus symbol is the set of headphones. Off you go to choose what you think is the highest ranking movie and get yourself a prize. The second bonus symbol is the director symbol. Nothing to look at, this balding man peeping through a golden circle with nothing but his white vest looks rather unimpressed, yet he has a lot of pull in this community. This time you get to be on the other side of the camera directing the movie.

Watch out for the script, this is the opening pink book. The camera reels, spotlight and megaphone are also symbols that can be found, all of which make for a very interesting show indeed.

Red carpet treatment all the way

All you need is one set of headphones on the first reel and it is off to the grand arena where all the box office movies are shown. In the background the city towers are illuminated against the night sky above the movie house. Put your money on what you think the best performing movie is going to be. The profits from this are added to your balance. Be sure to choose right! Choose a less popular one and you will pay for it.

Three directors on the same payline and you finally get your chance to make your very own movie. First you start by choosing the leading roles. Since the actors can make or break you, choose well. At the Cinerama Movie Awards you will find out how well your movie did at the box office and how much profit you made. Win over the critics and your job is done. It was hard work, but well worth it in the end!

The leading role played by you

Step behind the scenes to see how the other half lives and works. Experience the glory that doesn’t come cheap and dance in the blood sweat and tears of a successful movie. Be in the centre of the thrill by downloading the software and opening an account today. You could be better off for it with a slightly more stuffed wallet too.