Butterflies Slots

Butterflies Slots is a bit different from most other slots offerings seen in the online casinos of today. Both the theme and the concept of this game are uncommon, but very well thought out and designed.

A Butterfly Garden Awaits You

The background is beautifully done; a verdant green meadow studded with pink flowers that is situated underneath a blue sky is the first thing gamers will see when they load up Butterflies Slots at their favorite online casino. Many gamers have reported the graphics make them almost feel as if they are in a magic butterfly garden.

Delightfully Imaginative Icon Symbols

The reels are where the really pretty parts of the game come to the attention of players. The icons are simply but beautifully done. There is an ornate green cocoon decorated with a pink flower, a male and a female butterfly, a fairytale-like caterpillar with a very cute expression, and a polka dot toadstool. There are also alphabet letters and numbers present on the reels in various shades of blue, pink, red, green, and yellow.

Watch for the Animated Scatter Symbol

The lovely pink flower is the Scatter symbol, which is animated. The flower lights up and begins a slow, swaying flower dance. When two or more flowers appear anywhere on the reels, you have earned a Scatter payout. These are multiplied by the total betting amount per spin, which is then converted to credits.

The Animated Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is the cocoon, and it is also beautifully animated. When this takes place, it lights up, and a gorgeous butterfly comes slowly out to greet the world. This also triggers the Butterfly feature when the cocoon appears on the first reel. The butterfly that emerges from the cocoon flies about, and when it lands at random on other icon symbols, these also will change into Wild Symbols.

Win Lots of Cash Playing Butterfly Slots!

Butterflies Slots is a five reel, 25-payline game with a wide range of playable coin sizes. Gamers can start with a bet of $0.01 per payline, or go all the way up to a $10 bet per line. This means that the maximum total bet is $250.00 per spin, which makes Butterflies Slots a very attractive game for the high roller. There is also a Bonus Game, which is actually played on the reels themselves instead of a separate screen. If you enjoy nature, butterflies, and winning big, do check out Butterflies Slots today!