Alien Invasion Slots

Alien Invasion Slots

Science fanatics are in for a ride with the traditional slots known as Alien Invasion. Players who like playing video games are going to get hooked to this game because it has all the ingredients of a game involving the outer space and all things associated with it. Here is your chance to get closer to the solar system and all that it contains both hidden and shown and win a bagful of prizes from only a few coin bets. Ready to play? We recommend to play this game at Liberty Slots Casino. Read Liberty Slots Casino review to know more about Millionaire promotions and bonuses that will make your Alien Invasion game pleasant.

Alien Invasion Slots Payouts

A player can get flooded with the payouts that come from symbols that would show on your reels such as laser guns, spaceships and galaxy. Take the case of the galaxy symbol; see at least three of this on the center payline and you can get 50 times your coin bet for 1 coin, 100 times for 2 coins and 300 times for 3 coins. As you can see the more coin bets you play the bigger the payouts would turn out to be.

The fun doesn't end there because players are not limited to just a few winning symbols. They can include more symbols on this list such as planets, tentacle aliens, sharp tooth aliens, insect aliens and any 1 face of an alien. As what was mentioned earlier, the more coin bets placed on these symbols, the better. All in all, payouts can start with double the bet to as much as 2,000 times.

Alien Invasion Rules

The rules for playing Alien Invasion are very simple. Anyone will be able to grasp the game rules with ease and confidence even if they're just first-timers. For this game, there would only be a single payline a player would be viewing. This would only be the center payline where payout would be checked against the table for winning combinations.

One of the great parts of Alien Invasion is the inclusion of a wild symbol, the laser gun, in the game rules. This is great because a player can use this to substitute for a non-winning symbol to be able to come up with the winning formula for that activated payline. Also, expect double the usual payout for combinations completed by the wild symbol. But make that quadruple if two wild symbols were used to complete the win. This is a great time for you to grab this chance at higher payouts.

Where to play Alien Invasion Slots

Increase your opportunities with Alien Invasion at on of the best online casino brands at Liberty Slots Casino.