Alice's Wonderland Slots

One of the most famous fairy tales that kids from all over grew up on was Alice's Wonderland so it is a great idea to come up with an online slot version of this very tale. So now you can bring back this adventure and step back in time and play this five reel and 20 pay line slot game. Download Alice's Wonderland Slots now!

Symbols & Bonuses

This slot game will feature symbols that made up the very tale in the first place. There is a wild symbol and a few different bonus games, plus free spins. The bonus games are the Mad Hatter Tea Party Bonus, the White Rabbit Bonus, and the Rabbit Hole Bonus. The White Rabbit bonus is triggered when you get three White Rabbit symbols. The White Rabbit is also the scatter symbol. The Mad Hatter Tea Party Bonus feature is triggered when you get three Mad Hatter scatter symbols. The Rabbit Hole Bonus Feature is triggered when a Rabbit Hole symbol appears on the middle reel. Alice's Wonderland offers a Progressive Jackpot in the Mad Hatter's Tea Party bonus round and another cool thing is that you could win all three bonus features in one spin!

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party bonus game

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party bonus game is triggered when you get a minimum of three Mad Hatter scatter symbols anywhere. Get there and you automatically will win something. Four main characters are at the tea party such as March Hare, Dormouse, Alice, and Mad Hatter. The more time that it takes them to consume their tea the higher your prize will be but as soon as they finish their tea you have to select a character. Once all characters have had enough tea the game is over and your prizes will be tallied. If one of the characters decides that they would like some sugar in their tea then things do get sweeter since you will have just won the progressive jackpot. But, more than one can decide to add sugar which means that you can win more than once.

Rabbit Hole & White Rabbit bonus game

Get a Rabbit Hole on the middle reel and you are off to the Rabbit Hole bonus round. Here, Alice falls down into the rabbit hole and as she falls she gathers prizes and they are tallied up at the end and that is how much you win. The White Rabbit bonus game is triggered when you get three White Rabbits anywhere on the reels. This round delivers free spins which the Rabbit pulls out of his pocket.

Experience Alice's Wonderland Slots today for a great time! This is a winner of 5 Reel Slots!