Age of Discovery Slots

There is a great adventure awaiting you when you partake in Age of Discovery Slots. You will travel through a time when huge sailing missions were ventured on across the uncharted sea. Age of Discovery is a five reel and twenty five pay line slot machine that accepts as many as 250 coins. There are numerous pay lines which increase your odds of winning. This slot has a history of being pretty popular as it has been around since 2006. Download and play Age of Discovery now!

Wild, Scatter & Bonus Features

Age of Discovery makes use of the Wild Symbol, the Scatter Symbol, and the Treasure Bonus game. The Wild Symbol is the Gold Coin and can be swapped for any other symbol to complete a winning combination. The exception to this is the Sea Monster symbol which is the Scatter Symbol. The Compass Symbol is what you need to activate the Treasure Bonus game. The symbols are from a time when basic rudimentary maps and stars were used to plot routes for large ships that carried pirates that were looking for hidden treasures. Heading off to the Bonus Round is possible when you find the Treasure Map symbol on the reels, which will activate the Bonus Round. Once there, you have a real opportunity to win as many as 32,250 coins. The idea is to find as many Treasure Maps as you possibly can. Get three, four, or five of these slot symbols for your chance to win up to 60,000 coins! During the Bonus Round if you are able to steer clear of the skulls you will have the chance to win as much as $32,250. If you run into the skulls then the game is over.

Betting Options in Age of Discovery Slots

The betting options in Age of Discovery slots is quite wide since you can play anywhere from 1-10 coins per pay line but you also have the choice of a number of coin values. Every time that you win your amount is multiplied by what your bet was. The top jackpot is 6,000 coins which in real money equals $6,000. Keep in mind; you have to have the machine loaded to accomplish this. You can still win up to $6,000 when you encounter the navigation tool, the ships, or the crest.

Where to Play Age of Discovery slots

Play Age of Discovery slots at Ladbrokes Casino. Choose download for the whole gaming menu or use the instant game casino where you can play for free and with no risk at all.

You can also play Age of Discovery slots at All Slots Casino, First Web Casino, All Jackpots casino, Wild Jack Casino, 32Red Casino