Win, Place or Show Slots

Horse Racing has been enjoyed in the United States by horse enthusiasts and race lovers alike since 1665. The excitement and thrill of the race combined with the open air, the beautiful horses and the chance to win when your horse crosses the finish line has brought people back to the track for nearly 400 years, and now the great game minds of Wager Gaming Technology bring you all the thrills and excitement in Win, Place or Show Slots.

Watch the Racing (and Increasing) Jackpot

Win, Place or Show Slots is as traditional and classic as Horse Racing itself, with 3 reels and 1 payline, and just as exciting with the superb progressive jackpot. Watch the numbers grow like horses racing across the track while you spin the wheels and hit the winning combination. You will find everything you expect to find at the races in this game, including the Gold Cup, a Jockey, a Horseshoe, a Lucky 7 and what slot would be complete without the traditional Cheery Symbol? Each symbol, like the game, is rendered with the style and quality you expect from Vegas Tehcnology. The graphics are wonderful and the sounds are realistic and add to your enjoyment of the game.

Pick a Winner

Win with Win, Place or Show slots by lining up 3 Jockey Symbols win you 600 coins. There are many more combinations that win in Win, Place or Show Slots and you can find all your winning combinations on the payout schedule right on the main screen. In horse racing it’s anyone’s guess who will come in first, but when you play Win, Place or Show Slots you can see who will win before you even place your bet. There are about 10 winning combinations in Win, Place or Show Slots, you will even win for landing just one Lucky 7 Symbol, and you don’t even need a combination to take home the prize.

Race to the Progressive Jackpot

The Win, Place or Show Slots progressive jackpot feature means you are connected with players all over the world who are joining you at the races. Every time a player places a bet at a Wager Gaming Technology online casino, the progressive jackpot grows. So when you win, you win that huge growing jackpot, and the counter resets and the numbers begin to climb again. Make sure you play the maximum bet of 3 coins so you win the progressive jackpot when you line up those 3 Gold Cup Symbols. But even if you bet the minimum you can still win big with Win, Place or Show Slots.

Win, Place or Show Slots is available for US Players, so download Liberty Slots Casino and head off to the races.