Wildcano Slots

A slot game, quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen and a product of Red Rake Gaming, Wildcano Slots has an exceptional appearance with a beautiful old civilization Aztec or Mayan-like theme, thrilling soundtrack and unique gameplay design.


The main screen portrays a tropical island with clean sand on its shores and crystal-clear teal water. The entire place is seen from a bird’s eye view. The mainland is dominated by the ruins of an ancient temple – a gorgeous sight, in which stone pillars, stairs and walls are covered by lush green jungle-vegetation, tiny ponds and a lot of trees and at the center of it is the complex arrangement of rows and symbols. The whole area is covered with mist, which makes the whole main screen look even more gorgeous to behold. In the middle of the island is a circular temple that looks like a target practice. The center is displayed as this red volcano and around it are the 3 reels, which are in fact 3 circles. Each smaller circle that is closer to the center contains less symbols and each circle, which is farther from the center is bigger and contains more symbols. The closest circle has 8 symbols, the middle circle has 16 symbols and the farthest one has 24 symbols. The maximum total bet possible is 200 Euros or 200 000 coins.


All winning combinations on the reels are composed of 3 matching symbols and 6 matching symbols. The highest paying symbol of the game is the wild panther and it brings 720 coins and 24 000 coins. The diamond symbol offers 480 coins and 14 400 coins. The red seven symbol pays 360 coins and 10 800 coins. The pair of mangos symbol gives 240 coins and 4800 coins. The pineapple symbol grants 180 coins and 3600 coins. The bananas symbol provides gamblers with 180 coins and 3600 coins. The rest of the symbols are various markings in different colors. The teal and the violet one pay 120 coins and 2400 coins, while the blue one and the green one deliver 60 and 1200 coins.


Apart from circular reels, the game has 8 paylines – 2 vertical, 2 horizontal and 4 diagonal ones. Every time the spin button is pressed, the volcano will erupt burning the old symbols down and then new symbols replace them. The unique aspect of the gameplay is that each player will be able to choose a certain element, a disaster-inducing force of nature, which will affect the reels and the earnings in a certain way and deliver various types of bonus prizes. The Magma will fill 2 random paylines with lava, which will burn the symbols and replace them all with a random symbol forming multiple winning combinations. The Pyroclast effect will make the volcano suddenly erupt and the shards that fly out of the volcano will hit certain symbols, transforming them into wilds. The Earthquake can happen after a spin, which has led to no earnings and it will rotate one, two or all three of the reels, giving an additional chance for earnings. The Sacrifice feature destroys the symbols of a no-win payline, replacing them with new ones after the end of a spin. There is a bonus symbol in the game depicting a totem-like, stylishly detailed mask. Three bonus symbols will activate the free spins feature. When that happens, the volcano will magically create additional bonus symbols, which might lead to a greater number of free spins. An extremely profitable combination is receiving six symbols of the same type on two opposite paylines on each side of the volcano.

Wildcano is a unique slot game with groundbreaking visual and gameplay model that will attract legions of gambling adventurers in its beautiful, full of profitable rewards temple.